Monday, 20 March 2017

An Alfa uses 3 years old boy sold to him at N500 for ritual in Lagos.

Mrs Chinasa Okereke shares this sad story with Sunday Vangaurd, of her son who was murdered for rituals by an Alfa in lagos.

She reveals that Chigozie who is 3 years old, was with her about 15 minutes before he was abducted by a neighbor who is 15 years old, and was sold to an Alfa for N500.

Chigozie who her mother prepare to take his bath outside the house, was taken way from her before she returns in getting a wrapper that she want to use to strap her nine-month-old son to her back, but unfortunately she lost her older son in return to give him bath.

She explains that when they waited till evening and they couldn't find the child, the case was reported to the police at Ijegun, Lagos State.

The neighbor whose name is Simon, who sold the boy to the Alfa was then seen by the police and he also revealed how the Alfa used the boy for Ritual.

"He lifted him up to the air and made incantations, with him was a red wrapper and after he was done with the incantation he dropped the baby close to a stone beside him" He opined.

Parents are advised to be careful of who comes around their children, the economy situation in Nigeria shouldn't let anyone use the opportunity to say that's why him/her has decided to go into rituals. You must face the law when you are caught.


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