Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored...MY STAND ON THE PRESENT NIGERIA GOVT. #Editorial

We must observe decorum and govern ourselves with direction so as not to be ignorantly inconsiderate to mistake that which is done by the power of Satan (WAYO or JIPITI), as if it were done by the power of God.

Though I don't know what I may appear to the bookful blockheads, who are ignorantly groping in broad day light in search for "TRUTH", while the great ocean of it lay all undiscovered before them, but far be it that I should be among those who would glue their tongues to the roof of their mouths, for fear of some conspirators. I will always stand by the truth and declare it irrespective of whose horse is gored. I will say the truth a hundred times over and over again.

I bet anyone who dares, if the earth were paper-white and all the Sea were ink, it wouldn't be enough for me to write the truth I have gotten in me.

I am not scared of anybody's halter threats or intimidation, hence it is God who has taught me to feel other's woe, never to hide the fault that I see; to show mercy to the oppressed, the mercy that I have been shown. 

Very many of us think, whatever is, is in its course, just. But if deeply considered, to a very large extent, it boils down to "BIG LIE", all fallacy, and often times, more of an organised hypocrisy than what we are made to believe.

Facts are stubborn things. You can neither silent, nor kill them. No matter the situation, if given a little time, the stammerer will mention his name.


My take on today's Nigeria government, may not be what you want to hear but as the saying goes you are entitled to your opinion. This is where i stand. join me as we trash out this issue in simple language.

"If Buhari had died without becoming a civilian president, the history of Nigeria may have recorded that, there was a man who could have killed corruption, the best civilian president we never had!

But we are glad that breeze don blow and we don see fowl yansh!.. In as far as we are in the era of dwindling economy, it is pertinent for us to look into it critically before we make judgement of the present administration..... PDP has done the best they could and APC is doing the best they can, may be in 2019 another party will emerge to do its best too. Selfless leaders is what Nigeria want to bring about development. 

Talking about development, do you know one of the reasons Nigeria is know to be underdeveloped nation its because of the rural societies? The Nigeria rural communities has this form of epileptic development which even our leaders in our local communities are not ready to utilise the little they are receiving from government but to squander it on their families only, regardless of were the money is coming from and what it's meet for.

These are some of the things we need to look into before we make judgement. Even some state governments has decided not to have local government chairman's for years and you think development will come to your village? OK ooooo dey there na and watch development coming to your village.

Nigeria has so much focused on oil for too long and today we are reaping the fruit of our labour and someone wake up and say 2 years old government caused what 16 years old government laid it's foundation. i dey laugh you sha!

Facts are always sacred nothing can change that. O! Nigerians I which you will go on your knees on Daily basis and pray for your leaders.


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma