Saturday, 4 March 2017

Girl beheaded at Amanwaozuzu-Ogwa road in Imo State on Saturday is finally identified as Sandra

The remains of this girl's body that was seen along Amanwaozuzu-Ogwa road in Imo State on Saturday, is now been identified as Abia State University Student called Sandra.

It was said that she went to club with her friends and she followed a guy to an unknown destination and never returned. As shared by Friday Oduma, who also shared photos and posts of people who knew Sandra. We'll first share Friday's posts, then show the photo of the beheaded girl, and then posts of people who identified her. Friday writes..

A 200L MBL student of Abia state university(Absu) by name Sandra was beheaded by Ritualist in Imo State. It was said dath she went to club with her friends and she met a guy who she followed to who knows and never returned...

It will be pertinent for you to also know that this is not the first case of girls being beheaded with parts of the body missing recently in Imo State particularly this Year 2017.

at 12am when you get to hotel areas in Owerri the capital city of Imo State you see alot of girls waiting for spirit to pick them up for the night. what are they actually looking for that they can't have during the day?

This Ritual thing is spreading like a wildfire in Nigeria now, and it is not restricted to any particular tribe.

Two weeks ago in Benin, a hunchback was killed for ritual purposes. Same two weeks ago,a young guy beheaded a 12 year old boy in Ekiti for Ritual, again is  Imo too for the second time this year.

This is a time,we need to call our loved ones indoors and educate them on the need to be very careful. Girls,especially the undergraduates who I think love earthly possessions,seems to be easy picking by these marauding ritualists.

Biko girls,no follow who you no know enter motor go overnight because of I-Phone7. Your head is worth more than the phone you want to WOW your friends with.


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