Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How a Hacker reveals most secure thing on password protection and smart Wifi usage in his book

For password protection and smart WiFi usage go read THE ART OF INVISIBILITY BY KEVIN D. MITNICK

Do you know for every step you take on the internet, someone is watching you? this therefore means your passwords, no matter the website you used it, it's never on the safe side i.e it can't be confidential as you may be thinking.

But right here, Kevin D. Mitnick with Robert Vmosi on their book The Art of Invisibility: The World's Most Famous Hacker Teaches You How to Be Safe in the Age of Big Brother and Big Data, where able to give step by step of what you must do to keep your password safe online.

In recent times, it has been figured out that the government of any country has access to what people do online and therefore you can be traced at any time regardless of what you do online be it good or bad.

just go get his book and you will get all the gist you want to know about.... am very sure you wouldn't want to be a victim like Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton the opposition to The present American president Trump.



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