Thursday, 2 March 2017

Read what a concerned Deltan wrote to State House of Assembly concerning ongoing Herdsmen Bill crafting

Honorable, Barrister, Samuel Mariere, member representing Ughelli North constituency 1 shared this post writtern by one Sidney Akaphiare. The post continue after the cut

My Honorable,

I am writing to contribute to the passing of the herdsmen bill being crafted at the State Assembly.
Delta State has suffered so much humiliation and killings in the hands of Fulani Herdsmen. It is so because, we are a house divided against itself in the name of politics. Many who are in governance today are still plague by poverty mentality such that raking more than enough for tomorrow makes them desperate for power. Let me leave that aside.

In crafting that bill, let it not be like a target of a particular group. It should be an agricultural reform and environmental health safety bill. In Lagos for instance, all livestock can not be grazed. Anything you cattle coming to the State goes straight to the abattoir at Oko-oba. They are building another two ultra modern abattoir now. A government must be proactive in policy decision. It was the regime of Tiny by that enacted the law. Lagos has no land for grazing. Any animal seen on the street or in farms is considered a animal and forfeited to government. It is allowed to have livestock tethered to a position and feed there - no offence.
For Delta State, the government must also start a restructuring program to make the law effective. All major towns must have abattoirs of standard. On entry to the State, all livestock must be registered with the ministry of agriculture and a code number obtained. This number must be on all the cattle's, counted and given entry by agric ministry. A fee must be paid. A permit to graze must be restricted to a particular area and it must be renewed after a month. Any cattle that is for consumption must be certified fit by the ministry of health. No fee should be charge but the code number written on skin of the livestock must be agree with what was issued by the agric ministry before any livestock is tested and certified for slaughter and consumption. Those buying cows for slaughter must be told clearly the implication of patronising unregistered breeders or stocks. All slaughtered animals through the vet doctors record must be documented and record sent daily bro the health and cage if ministry to verify the source of the livestock. The law should also insist on the knowing the actual owner of the livestock. This is a short term solution. 

The long term solution is for the State. Under the ministry of agric to build ranches. All cattle's must be taken to the ranches, registered and allow to graze for the period paid for. It is business and at such it must be handled as business. All herdsmen need do under supervision is label their cattle and hand over to the ranch attendants. Our youths should undergo short intensive training in Holland on livestock to be engaged for this task. Only final year students or graduates in agric that are u employed should benefit. Also experienced private business gurus to partner the project. Any cattle not in ranches within the State border must be treated as stray animal/s. This bill must be crafted in no hurry. The Committee must visit ranches abroad, check the Ekiti and Lagos bills as well as appraise our peculiar situation in Delta State.

Thank you.


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma