Saturday, 11 March 2017

Stephanie Otobo claims actress Daniella Okeke is Apostle Suleman's girl friend

In a press conference today, alleged lover to Apostle Suleman, Miss Stephanie Otobo a Canadian base Nigerian, has continued to make more marks on the love affairs with the Clergy. She pointed out that the man of God demanded a party from her which she declined, she also claimed that the clergy told her about his other babes who indulges in party with him.

During the press briefing, A reporter asked her to name one of the girlfriends of the Apostle she knows, she mentioned a popular hot Nollywood actress, Daniella Okeke.

Daniella Okeke

It will be recall that recently, she tries to mention the actress name but she was unable to do that while she struggles to remember her name in Law Court.

She just vomited her name today. it will be important you know that these are all allegation. We awaits actress Daniella' responds.

Follow this link to watch the video released by Sahara reports


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