Thursday, 9 March 2017

THE BUSINESS IN YOU DAILY: My Experience at the Love Channels Christian Center, Port Harcourt

Dear #IYBlog readers, recently Honorable Remy, shared with us his experience at Port Harcourt were some sleeping but elegant Entrepreneurs were woken to rise up to the demand of the society. Not all churches does this kind of programs. But for the fact that Remy was the gust speaker, he once shared with us a story of how a woman Built “Upstairs” from Selling “Abacha”, you will be shocked of his testimony about what he experienced and the so far out come of this outreach. God is looking for not just dreamers but interpreters of dreams like Joseph full of entrepreneurial skills who can interpret both their dreams and that of others to bring solution to the problems of our nations, just as Joseph interpretation of dream brought about solution of the famine in Egypt.

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I bring you greetings from the Senior Pastor of the Love Channels Christian Center, Port Harcourt, Pastor Chioma Rufus, her husband and the great congregation. At the center, I saw leaders that are really determined to empower their followers in every aspect of human life: physically, spiritually and financially.

I can never stop talking about the leadership of the church because, I was amazed when I realized that the whole of March, 2017 is being devoted to the teaching of enterprise development. While some churches here in Nigeria are still struggling to understand the difference between spiritual and financial empowerment, the Love Channels Christian Center has already embraced entrepreneurship development as one of the strategies of achieving God’s purposes for our lives.

According to the Senior Pastor of the church, “entrepreneurship development training does not only aim at producing self employed persons. It also produces better employees, who will become more innovative and apply entrepreneurial skills in their workplaces.”

You can imagine the level of transformation we shall have in the workplaces if most churches and worship centers devote more time in the teaching of these principles to their followers? Our society will be better for it because, when employees with the mindsets of entrepreneurs begin to see the organization as their own, they will perform better. They will begin to initiate tasks by themselves and will require little or no supervision to deliver results and meet deadlines.

I also let them know that entrepreneurship development leads to self- and purpose discovery, prepares young people as good leaders of the society and most importantly will reduce the current recession we are facing today.

My dear, both sessions that started on Saturday, March 04 and ended during the Sunday service were awesome. It was a great privilege speaking to the congregation and I thank God for his grace upon my life and for using me to empower his children.

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Many thanks for your time and good night!

I am youthscarely yours,
Remy Chukwunyere

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