Sunday, 26 March 2017

There's no Law restricting Nigerians from getting Prepaid Meters from Producers Directly ―MUIDEEN IBRAHIM

Is there Law preventing electricity consumers in Nigeria from getting Prepaid Meters from the original producer?

This is a question one of the Anchors of Channels TV Sunrise Saturday, ask Moses Arigu commissioner, consumer Affairs, Nigeria, Electricity Regulatory Commission. And guess what? His answer didn't go down well.

Do you actually think Nigerian who pay for Meters and they don't get it are happy about this? Well someone will have to answer that one too.

Too much charges on consumption of electricity in Nigeria today is as a result of the final consumers  not having access to Prepaid Meters. Therefore The Electricity Distribution Companies in different states of the federation can actually wake up from no where and charge you the amount they want or they feel like especially when they noticed you are living in a very big house or have a very profitable business even without knowing how much you are consuming this power, it doesn't necessarily matter to them.

Muideen Ibrahim, Executive Secretary, Electricity Meters Manufacturers association of Nigeria in his words argue the matter when he was ask, that there is no law what so ever in Nigeria that say's Electricity consumers are prevented from not getting prepared meters from the producers directly before installation.

John Ayodele, deputy manager, Dir, Ibadan electricity distribution Company, confirmed this that when you buy this prepared meters, it must be installed by them. Therefore one can get a Meter just like the way you get sim card from a network and use it on different phone, he said they are similar issues ( The sim card and the Meter) and he sees no reason why people shouldn't be allowed to get these meter, Infact he concluded that in Ibadan, they have made arrangement that, if manufacturer does't produce these Meter in Nigeria, they will not be allowed to sell in Nigeria s it can that it can be available to everyone.

Meanwhile, Moses Arigu commissioner, consumer Affairs, Nigeria, Electricity Regulatory Commission said there is a law preventing Nigerians from getting Meters from the manufacturers directly but never said the exactly section in the constitution that governs the Electricity body.

It will be pertinent for you to also know that since 4 years ago of privatization of the power sector, most parts of Nigeria has witness epileptic power supply.

Shall we remain like this for ever?


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