Sunday, 2 April 2017

NDDC MUST HEAR THIS! Reasons behind Oguta protesters and sealing of the commission's office in Owerri during the week.

This story was sent in by Jp Henderix from OGUTA LGA.

The coordinator, Hon. Nzeribe spoke to IYBlog, in his words, he said with a robust agenda of APC led federal government and clear cut vision of President Mohammadu Buhari, it’s regrettable that people who suppose to be real drivers of change are now agents of doom, inflicting pain and hardship on the people. 

Nzeribe lamented that, the umbrella of the Niger Delta Development Commission producing relief to the people has completely deviated from its original purpose of bringing development to the people. 

He called on the Governor and the President to as a matter of urgency appoint an indigene of the oil producing area in the state to fill the vacuum of NDDC in the interest of equity and fairness. 

Nzeribe lamented that the State Consistency has always been treated as a non-member of Niger Delta areas.

He added that the oil producing areas in the state had been in a total blackout for seven years without any intervention from the NDDC government.

He stressed further that all the projects in the area had been abandoned and there was no new project in the area, 

He said: “We cannot continue in all these travails, being enslaved as if we are not part of Niger Delta region.

“We are aware of some money released for Christmas for us but nothing has been given to us in Oguta and we have graduates without work.”

He, therefore, threatened that the youth movement would fall back to violence and disruption of oil pipeline vandalism if Federal Government could not meet its demand within seven days.

His words: “Worrisome is the great level of corruption, inequality and injustice going on at the office in the Port Harcourt Road Owerri. The commission has now been characterised by an unholy coalition between, the Rep member, contractors and NDDC staff to deprive the people of Oguta their rights. 

1. NDDC Published about 30 projects for Imo state. 16 for the Oil producing local governments. Ohaji-Egbema got 13 out of that 16 and Oguta LGA 3.

2. NDDC, Post-Graduate Foriegn Scholarship under Imo state No Single Candidate from Oguta LGA.

3. A Stake holders meeting slated for the 10th day of April 2017, out of the 90 forms meant for the stakeholders in the Oil producing area, none was given to Oguta Community/ LGA, While other area eg. Ohaji/Egbema and Oru East, ORLU LGA just to name a few got so many slots.

This is another Clear case of injustice and we cannot allow it to happen again. Once beaten twice shy, we make bold to urge you to readdress this imbalance in other to allow peace to rain by calling schedule officers to order, so that justice will not only be done but seen to have been done. What is unfair against God and every being must account his or her activity to the greatest being. Your ability to urgently respond to these issues raised, will bring peace to LGA & The State LGA.

“In Oguta, 85 percent of the yearly budget are either uncompleted or abandoned. For 2years now, no meaningful programme for the youths of the area. 

“The vacuum created by non-Oguta Candidate from Oguta LGA in NDDC postgraduate foreign Scholarship has widened the extent of marginalisation of Oguta by NDDC and our Reps in government.

“The situation of sitting at the top and sharing the money will no longer be tolerated. We will not fold our hand while the marginalisation continues in NDDC.” This is another Clear case of injustice and we cannot allow it to happen again". He opined.


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma