Saturday, 22 April 2017

THE BUSINESS IN YOU WEEKLY: Job Seeker turns a Job Creator.

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Remy Chukwunyere writes... 

Dear #IYBlog readers, welcome to the Business in You Weekly! Did you notice any changes? Due to exigencies of my assignments, I have decided to make this series a weekly affair, so that I can meet up with the demands.

Today, I will be talking about one Ms. Blessing Okoye, who is a proud owner of her own fashion business. She came looking for a paid job but I turned her into a job creator and an entrepreneur. This is a typical example of the impacts my campaign for youths to embrace self employment is making in Imo State. Not that there were no jobs for her but when I discovered she had already acquired a skill in fashion designing, I decided to counsel her on why she should build a business around it instead of going in for a paid job.

As usual, she raised the issue of capital, which is always on the lips of every Nigerian youth but in my usual characteristic manner, I demystified her fear of starting out for lack of funding with my “all purpose start-small and marketing strategy”. She was amazed at the possibility of earning thousands of naira daily while those in paid jobs will wait for month ends before they earn salaries.

Few days after that encounter, she called me announcing that she now owns a booming fashion business in her small house in Owerri. 

Please, hear her testimony… “I am Blessing Adaobi Okoye. My business name is Dablizzer Glow and I stay at Hispacom, Egbu, Owerri. I am skilled in fashion designing but it was not paying off as I expected. I then resorted to looking for a paid employment which led me to meet Honourable Remy Chukwunyere, the Director General of Imo State Job Center.

Instead of offering me a job, he encouraged me to turn my skill into a business, saying that I will enjoy the benefits more than in a paid employment. 

That day, I left his office feeling disappointed that I did not get a job but on the other hand, I was very much encouraged. As God would have it, the next day I got an offer to make an emergency cloth for someone and ever since then, my customers keep multiplying on a daily basis. I give God all the praise! Now I don't look for jobs, jobs are looking for me…”

My dear, this is one of the marvelous testimonies I keep getting on a daily basis. At the Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy, our only goal is to encourage youths to embrace self employment, which is the solution to the unemployment crisis in Africa.

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