Thursday, 18 May 2017

Benue Gov. Ortom and wheelbarrows, did he actually did this to his people? Funny but pathetic!

Governor of Benue State Ortom Samule, reacted to his name that was printed on wheelbarrows being used as a means of empowerment for Benue youths that he has no idea of what it means and ordered that his name be removed immediately.

Recently, it was all over the Nigeria Media that Ortom is empowering his people with Wheelbarrows and Hoes in Banue state, central part of Nigeria.

Benue State is know to be an agricultural state and so the employment of wheelbarrow by the Ortom administration  as a means of empowering the youths was as a result of what the state is know to be.

So you actually think, it is the right thing to do? funny but pathetic right?

Meanwhile the Governor of Banue state has issued a statement on the matter that he didn't ask anyone to help him print his name on wheelbarrows. But it is pertinent for you to know that it was credited to his administration.

As different people reacts to this picture of wheelbarrows on social media, some statements actually pass through my eyes lol so i decided to share...

Someone said on social media, if it's a good thing his administration is doing will he order immediate removal of his name printed on the wheelbarrow? 

Another also said, the good you do speaks for you, so also the bad!


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma