Sunday, 14 May 2017

Just few steps for making homemade pure Natural Veggie Juice

A Nigerian Facebook users, Joy, shared this few steps of making a pure Natural Vegetable Juice with photos of the evidence of what she has done..... her words reads after the cute...

I grew up under the tutelage of my grandma and at such,I can behave like an old woman atimes😂😂😂,This is a juice recipe I am very much familiar with but I hated it as a child, before I drink this then,she must stand by with a cane😕,but all those she did then,I have grown to appreciate and value them.

#Recipe: Garden egg leaves(akwukwo añara) Utazi,Scent leaf(nchaanwu)& peak milk


Pluck the leaves from their stem,wash them thoroughly with water and salt, squeeze out the juice in a bowl,drain it with a strainer to remove the debris of the leaves,then add your liquid milk.Your juice is ready.

#Benefits:Pumps Blood,Relaxes nerves,Detoxifications,improves immune system,good for brain and curtilage formations, nourishment of body,etc.

Note:Good for the treatment of migraine, typhoid,loss of blood etc.


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