Sunday, 18 June 2017

C.A.N. Dissents the removal of Christian religious knowledge from sch. Curriculum why Islamic studies remains 'compulsory' by education Minister


'THE Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has met with Acting President Yemi Osinbajo to dissent the incorporation of Islamic Arabic Studies into Nigeria school educational programs without accommodating Christian Religious Knowledge as tending towards an islamisation motivation.

Driven by its President, Rev Dr Samson Olasupo Ayokunle, the affiliation said in a meeting with Osinbajo at the Presidential Villa, Abuja that the activity was a period bomb which should promptly be diffused. 

In his address at the event which was made accessible to the media in Abuja on Thursday, Ayokunle, who lamented the expulsion of religious reviews from optional school educational modules, portrayed the move as unpalatable, divisive and profane. 

He told the Acting President: "We are here to indicate your consideration a period bomb, offensive, divisive and corrupt optional school educational modules that the Federal Ministry of Education is bringing into our schools and of which we had before griped to the Presidency." 

He said the principal endeavor to present it had been suspended after CAN's dissent however had now been brought back. 

While taking note of that a state had as of now began its execution, the CAN president said it was "an evil wind that blows no one any useful for such a large number of reasons." 

He included that in this educational programs, Islamic and Christian Religious Studies will at no time in the future be examined in schools as subjects all alone yet as topics in a urban training, including that Islamic reviews had however been made an obligatory option subject to French for understudies in segments of the educational programs. 

CAN contended that since French instructors were rare in the nation as against an overabundance of Islamic educators, Christian understudies would be compelled to take Islamic Arabic Studies. 

The affiliation expressed: "As prophets to the country, we request a total pull back and boycott of this educational modules. In the event that permitted to be actualized, it would lead us to an atheist country with viciousness and all types of profaneness as the request of the day. 

"Besides sir, this educational programs proceeded to present Islamic Arabic Studies in another segment together with French and made one of the two mandatory for the understudy. 

"You know that we have low rate of French educators in all our auxiliary schools in Nigeria. I am certain that more than 80 for every penny of our Nigeria schools don't have French educators at everything except have Arabic instructors. 

"The suggestion is that Christian understudies would have no way out than to study Arabic. In the event that a Christian understudy intentionally goes to concentrate Islamic Arabic Studies, there is nothing awful in that since a few of us in both religions had improved comprehension. 

"Nonetheless, where the understudy is strategically constrained into contemplating it on the grounds that the option subject does not have instructor to show it, it is an incredible issue keeping an eye on islamisation. 

"Still in this educational programs, Islamic Religious Knowledge was similarly made accessible as a subject in another segment with no comparing accessibility of Christian Religious Knowledge. 

"Is this not a divisive educational programs that can set the country ablaze? Is this reasonable for a huge number of Christians in this country? 

"A Christian understudy in Nigeria school in Kwara State had the body gashed with stick by the Arabic instructor on the grounds that the student declined to do Arabic Studies when French educator was not accessible and Christian Religious Knowledge, Hebrew or Greek were not some portion of the choices by any stretch of the imagination. 

"In the event that we will do journey together as a country, there must be reasonable play, shared regard for each other and equity which can be achieved by various arms of government. 

"We interest for equity from the administration on this matter rapidly. 

"We would ask for an arrival to the educational programs we were utilizing before this risky one which did not create guerillas or a wrongly influenced Nigerians. A join in time spares nine." 

CAN made different requests of the acting President which incorporated the capture and indictment of "deadly herders," capture and arraignment of the individuals who required the removal of Igbos in the north, making young people business visionaries and stoppage to hijacking on the country's expressways. 


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