Friday, 23 June 2017

I see a Nigeria where Igbo or Ijaw can live calmly in Sokoto – Osinbajo

The Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo SAN has said that Nigerians can assemble another country; another country based on trust, agreement and love for each other and a country where the rulers don't take the republic. 

Osinbajo talking as Special Guest of Honor at the graduation of the 2017 class of Senior Course 39 of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji said the colossal test and the superb open door for this era of the Nigerian tip top is to construct another country out of the rubble of negativity, division and doubts. 

He said "We can assemble another country; another country based on trust, agreement and love for each other and love for our nation is conceivable. A country where the rulers don't take the republic, where each Nigerian is protected to live and work, where the State assumes liability for the security of every last Nigerian, where the State knows each Nigerian by name and can discover and find every one of us", Prof. Osinbajo expressed. 

The Acting President additionally said he imagined "A Nigeria where the Ibo or Ijaw man can live gently in Sokoto, and the Fulani man can live calmly in the Niger Delta." 

Conveying a discourse which tended to the detest filled fomentations presently being seen in the country, the Acting President watched that the first class is to a great extent to be reprimanded for the rotting antagonistic accounts, saying "I might want to underline the way this was basically a tip top wonder, solidarity and disunity are advanced by the world class which most by far of the Nigerian individuals are just later recruited." 

He forewarned against the abuse of vote based right of the right to speak freely saying, "while we should remain permanently dedicated to opportunity of expression and the fundamentals of a free press, we should adhere to a meaningful boundary between flexibility that conduces to sound popular government and that which debilitates and imperils the whole vote based undertaking . It is an essential adjust, that we should strike. Disappointment in any capacity will be heartbreaking." 

He likewise watched that the issue is exacerbated by the impact of the web and abhor media underlining that "today a lot of the dangers confronting Nigeria are being sustained and developed in the huge spaces of the Internet. The thunderings of severance, the hazardous quit ultimatums to ethnic gatherings, the radio stations and web journals that retch divisive discourse and endeavor our blame lines; these are currently to be discovered on the web." 

The Acting President noticed that however the times of military manage are currently behind the country, and charged the military, its officers and men to give assets and ability to these new front lines, including the web, "where careless decisions on the proceeded with solidarity and presence of Nigeria are every day being conveyed." 

Proceeding with, he said "the fight is not simply to vanquish the psychological militants, the more noteworthy fight is to crush the belief system and attitude that nourishes the frenzy and to remove its oxygen, cash and attention." 

Prof Osinbajo however communicated idealism expressing that "actually our country and national solidarity merits saving and securing. We are the overwhelming force in Africa today as far as populace, size of our business sectors , regular assets and economy. We are a consider the geopolitics of the world, nobody can disregard a country express that is home to one in each four dark people. Littler is weaker not more grounded today." 

He charged the country to transcend ineffective ethnic and religious estimations and prompted that "we should build up the passionate insight required to adapt and adjust in a quickly and always showing signs of change world. We should embrace a worldwide outlook, that tries to gain from the encounters of different nations, far and close, with the goal that we don't squander significant time rehashing botches that we ought to have gained from and figured out how to stay away from". 

In his appreciated address, the Commandant of the College, Air Vice Marshall S. A. Dambo, declared that 187 people graduated containing officers from the country's Armed Forces, paramilitary and Ministry of Foreign Affairs including 10 universal officers from eight nations, specifically Liberia, Togo, Ghana, Cameroun, Niger, Mali, Rwanda and Gambia. 

Dignitaries who went to the graduation function included delegates of Service Chiefs, extremely senior military officers, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, Ambassador Danjuma Sheni and individuals from the conciliatory corps. 

Laolu Akande 
Senior Special Assistant 
to the President on Media and Publicity
Office of the Acting President 
23 June, 2017


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