Saturday, 24 June 2017

Nigerian woman, Nsikak Effiong expounds on the dirtiest young lady she met

"I met the dirtiest young lady a year ago. She takes the crown for being the dirtiest. 

She wears 1 cushion for 3days. That is to say, she rehashes 1 cushion in 3days. 

Folks, you know how you wear your boxers for a considerable length of time. Shower and wear, shower and wear. 


That is her for you. 

Grumbles she doesn't have overwhelming stream. 

Showers by 6pm. At that point wears the old cushion as opposed to discarding it. 

Following day, she holds up till 6pm preceding she showers. Wears that same cushion. Whenever asked, she says she doesn't have a substantial stream. 

Why you washing by 6pm? "I no dey go out na " 

Folks, I don't comprehend what your lady does, however be appreciative dislike this young lady. 

I had needed to answer somebody on my last post that each lady utilizes no less than 2pads a month, at that point I recollected this young lady and left noiselessly. 


She ain't broke. 

Brokenness is not by any means her center name."


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