Wednesday, 28 June 2017

'Why my latest music is titled Fela Kuti' –Wyclef Jean

Wyclef will be discharging his collection 'Jubilee III: The Fall and Rise of a Refugee', in September 2017. The three-time Grammy Award victor, Wyclef Jean, has uncovered why his initially track of the collection was titled 'Fela Kuti'.

In his chat with XXL Magazine, the Haitian rapper and Musician said the lead melody is propelled by the Nigerian Afrobeat legend and it tests his 'Eko Ile' track. He went further to unveil that he named it Fela Kuti in light of the fact that he needs kids not simply to download the tune but rather Google Fela and know who he's and what he implies. 

Wyclef additionally uncovered that he imparted a few things to the late Nigerian music legend. 

“I decided to name it Fela Kuti because, for me, I feel like we be thinking of [Bob] Marley, we give a lot of people from our past props, so when the kids hear Fela Kuti, I really want them to Google it.

Fela Kuti studied jazz in England. Wyclef studied jazz at Vailsburg High School. Fela Kuti then went back to his country and tried to help his country by running for president. Wyclef, you know, did the same thing.

Then, Fela, through all his obstacles and all that, his music is what pillared him right back to the top.

He understood the strongest way to help politically was to make sure the music was bangin’. So for me, the same way kids can have songs called ‘Wyclef Jean’ who are influenced by me, I want kids to know who Fela is and what he means.” he opined


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