Sunday, 18 June 2017

Why Urhobo Nation has the best techniques of making palm oil.

The technique for gathering palm oil organic products (Edi) in Urhobo land is exceptional to the general population. It is finished by moving to the highest point of the palm tree with a couple of weaved grappling ropes referred to by the Urhobos as #Efi. At the point when the bundles of the palm natural products are ready, the organic products are chopped down with an exceptional blade (Opia) intended for reason. In some different situations where stepping stools #Ovwevwe are utilized to climb the palm tree, however, that relies on upon the stature of the tree. In different examples, a long-arm sickle #Ubredi are utilized to collect the ready palm organic products appropriate starting from the earliest stage. That too relies on upon the stature of the palm tree. Generally, is the obligation of the men to do the collecting while the ladies convey the bundles to where the palm natural products are amassed known as #Ekuedi. Unmarried men convey their oil palm organic products themselves with help of a cut bow-molded stick known as #Urhekpe. The oil palm natural products gatherers or tappers are referred to in Urhobo as #Oberokpa. 

Oil palm organic products or nuts accumulation has two periods throuhout the year - time of shortage which is amid the blustery season and the time of bounty which is amid the dry season. The period of bounty is referred to in Urhobo as #Ororo. Amid this Ororo period timberlands are assumed control by the older folks of the group. Reaping or gathering oil palm natural products/nuts is restricted inside a given period relying upon the decsion come to by the older folks. Also, that period is known as #Emuokpa while the lifting of the preclusion is named #Erhiokpa. 

Oil palm natural products or nuts gathering and oil creation is the second vital industry of the Urhobo individuals. 

A portion of the apparatuses utilized as a part of gathering or gathering oil palm natural products are; 

  • Machete (Specially made) 
  • Climbing rope 
  • Long-arm Sickle 
  • Ladder 
  • Head dish/Basin for conveying the oil palm organic products from the bramble to #Ekuedi. 
  • Oko 
  • Wooden hatchet like apparatus. 
  • Ax
If you have other apparatuses you know that are not mentioned on this article please do well, to list them in the comment box. If not for any other thing but for the sake of others who will be reading and studying this article. 


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