Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Delta State Gov. Okowa, plans to plant his men in the State Electoral body for 2019 Elections

Executive governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State is set to sack the Chairman and board individuals from the State Independent Electoral Commission (DSIEC), constituted by his forerunner, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan to empower him delegate his confided in partners. 

The Governor, it was accumulated needs to plant his men in DSIEC, handover the Councils to Head of Personnel Management, HPMs whom would deal with the board pending the direct of neighborhood government Election at some point in April, 2018. Gov. Okowa had before said he could never run the boards with Caretaker Committees. 

News had it that with this improvement, there would be no Council Election in the State this year in opposition to claims by the DSIEC's Chairman, Mr. Moses Ogbe that they were planning to lead the Council Elections. 

It was accumulated that as of now, the Governor had supposedly delegated a Secretary for DSIEC in readiness for the lay off of the board which has a statutory five years residency which should end one year from now. 

Sources uncovered that Ogbe and others would be "settle" with their severance bundles ponied up all required funds so Okowa can name his men, whom might be declare at some point prior to December 2017 and would be in charge of the Conduct of the council  Election in 2018. 

Tried and true sources revealed to IYB that Governor Okowa would handover the Councils to the HPMs whom have been coordinated to give N5million each absolutely N125million over the 25 Local Government Councils in thankfulness for the signal at the termination of the residency of the chose Council Chairman. 

A Government House source professedly fingered the Principal Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Hilary Ibegbulem similar to the person who coordinated the Councils HPMs to give the N125million in thankfulness to the signal which a constituted Caretaker Committee could have taken. 

One Commissioner in DSIEC who argued namelessness revealed to BigPen Online, "Passing by the appointive date-book, the residency of chose political office holders at the nearby government level in Delta state will terminates in October. 

"They have under four months in their different workplaces. What's more, by the Electoral Laws, DSIEC with the order of Governor Okowa should have discharge timetable for the direct of the Council Elections. 

"With respect to us in DSIEC, our residency should lapse one year from now since it is a statutory commission however as it is currently the Governor doesn't need us to direct the Election. The Governor need a DSIEC that he actually name its individuals to direct the decision in 2018. 

"The reason is that Okowa has no single trust, trust in Ogbe-drove DSIEC. Disregard whatever they have been saying in regards to the Council Election."Okowa is not holding Council race now, period! In any case, that is not the principle issue. 

"The principle issue on ground now is that the Ogbe-drove DSIEC expected to end its residency one year from now in light obviously you know it is a statutory commission that can't be sack that way, yet trust politicians the Governor has finished up game plans to settle us with cash out of office so he can start the way toward selecting his own supporters". 

All endeavors to achieve Mr, Ogbe contributions failed as at News hour, however a nearby partner of Ibegbelem expelled the claims saying only 'it is not valid'. 

The source guaranteed that the Governor has not discovered the DSIEC chairman and others needing to warrant their sack, rejecting as unwarranted cases that Governor Okowa need to plant his men in the State Electoral body.


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