Monday, 10 July 2017

Excos of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) Ghana Chapter ends elections with fight (photos)

Ndume Green Facebook users shared this on Facebook. 

Hear him:

Yesterday was a particularly sad one for me. And I am very glad I had this moment on both photo and video. 

I had been invited as a guest speaker at the election of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) Ghana Chapter. 

Somewhere at the gate whiles waiting for the security guard to open and clear me in, the scene in the picture here ensued. 

A female student from one of the universities had jumped, almost with the speed of a crashing plane to the belt of the association's president, Mr Kayode Abubakar.

Shortly, a rowdy scene would envelope the whole place. And I had to call in the police. 

A further enquiry would reveal that this girl had issues with Mr Kayode over the process of the election and decided to settle it with a public fight.

Now this is a Nigerian student. She's in the category of the millions of Nigerian youths who daily use all kinds of unprintable words on the country's leadership. She is educated too.

To me, it informs me about one thing. Not all of us truly have a moral footing to actually query the systems around us. Not all. And it also raises a very strong question about the emerging educated class in our country.

This is the ladies reply.... 

Facebook users, Yewande Omobomi.... 

Here, I am! My future does not revolve around Kayode or NANS GH. If you were there, you would understand what ensued between me and Kayode. All I was asking him was why he stamped out my name from the membership form in which my school management approved me to be part of the delegates. Simple! When you see a picture, what does it tell you? Look at the picture very well, you will realize I am neither a thief nor an armed robber. Now ask yourself what could have made me hold Kayode like that. If you got no answer, let me help you out. Whatever it is Kayode is saying about my school is wrong. First, I was not a member of the E.C in my school but was rather part of the 11 concerned students in my school, planning to ensure a structure is put in place after much frustrated efforts. Having followed due processes by writing to the NANS GH National Body, Kayode Abubakar as president denied all and went to school on the day of our chapter election, denying he ever heard about it. Now, let me explain what happened yesterday, the same Kayode stamped out my name from the membership form that my school had submitted that I be part of the delegates just because I refused to be his puppet. If any of you needs to know, we were very close and I had always warned him against his bad leadership. He detests people that challenge or confront him. My school authority have decided that there will be no more association of Nigerian students on campus because of Kayode's attitude and you are there saying he does not deserve this kind of treatment. He is lucky police officers were there. If I was wrong in this picture, I would have been arrested but the policemen later realized how he used them to rigged the election of his association. How can a Senate President walk away from a Congress without the executive doing anything about it and the incumbent Vice-president be the Congress Chairperson? Where does that happen? Ask him to post his school payment receipts during his 1st and 2nd semesters as NANS GH President. He is simply fraudulent. Kayode hass bitten more than he can chew. Thank you.

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