Saturday, 8 July 2017

"Society misled you about what men need out of a lady" Married sex laborer who has a sweetheart classes 'great ladies'

A wedded lady who still has a beau by the side and calls herself a "womanist sex laborer" has taken to Twitter to class great ladies who play by the guidelines. 

The lady who passes by the name Claudia on Twitter uncovered that she's a womanist sex laborer with a spouse and beau. 

She said she doesn't see how ladies keep to every one of the principles society set down for good ladies yet they can't get a man. At last, she inferred that society misled the ladies about what men need out of a lady and the ladies got it. 

She kept in touch with: "You go without indiscrimination, cook, clean, have a degree, an occupation, no children, are always attempting to pacify men u still not picked" 

Claudia included: "It's practically as though... society deceived you about what men need out of a lady and you got it." 

She finished up by encouraging ladies to quit giving men such a great amount of significance in their lives and the men will come calling. 

She expressed: "Make men a non mother loving element by they way you live and work and they will in any case be there, cuz men." 

Over to you men; would she say she is coming clean?


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