Thursday, 27 July 2017

UYO LG POLL: Ward 9 PDP officers, others reject Chairmanship Position

...We are not the only ward to be producing Chairman in Ikono Clan - Aniekan Mkpa

Majority of members of the Uyo Ward 9 PDP EXCO have said that the ward is not interested in the Chairmanship Position in the upcoming Local Government election in the state, saying that the ward has produced not less than three Local Government Chairmen including Executive and Transition.

Speaking on their individual capacities, the officers told this reporter that the Chairmanship position which is zoned to Ikono Clan is to be filled by ward 8 which has never produced either an Executive Chairman or Transition Chairman.

Speaking, the Ward 9 PDP  Publicity Secretary, Akaninyene Obot said if the right thing is to be done, Ward 8, should produce the next Chairman, maintaining that anything of short of that is not the right thing and further posited that he cannot and will not be a party to wrong thing, neither will he support injustice to ward 8.

In his part, the PDP Youth leader, Mr.  Ubong Willie said before now, he had already made his position known not only to the party, but to the entire youth in ward 9, hinting that all the youths in the area are in support of shifting the Chairmanship position to Ward 8.

Ubong said, gone are the days when few supposed leaders in ward 9 used to deceive and mislead the people of ward 9, saying that he will not only keep supporting ward 8 for the Chairmanship position but increase his effort in mobilizing all the youths in the ward to team up and support ward 8.

Also speaking, the Uyo PDP Chapter Assistant Organizing Secretary, Unwana Sampson warned that nobody in ward 9 including his brothers and relative is expected to aspire for Chairmanship position in the November 11 Local Government election.

Speaking, the Chapter officer expressed anger on the report making the round that some people in ward 9 are nursing ambition to contest the chairmanship position against ward 8.

He said anybody with such intention is an enemy of peace and equity, stressing that having zoned the Chairmanship position to Ikono Clan, common sense should also be applied to know that the same zoning policy should equally be followed within the clan. 

Meanwhile, a PDP stalwart in Ward 9, Mr. Aniekan Mkpa has said that the zoning of Chairmanship position to Ikono clan by the Uyo Local Government stakeholder is directly to ward 8.

Mkpa who said he was present when the decision was taken, stressed that the decision was apt and irreversible.

According to him, Ikono Clan is made up of ward 8 and ward 9 and such ward 9 cannot be the only ward out of the two wards to be producing chairman every time, having occupied the position for three times.

He said will be injustice for ward 9 to produce the next chairman after producing two Transition chairman in a stretch in addition to the executive chairman earlier produced in 1999.

Aniekan Mkpa while throwing his weight to ward 8, said the only credible aspirant worthy of support in ward 8 is Elder Imoh Okon, saying that he (Mkpa) is ready to die and resurrect with him (Okon)as far as November 11 local government election in Uyo is concern.

He therefore urged all the people of ward 9 to support their brothers in ward 8 now that is their (ward 8) turn so that they will also enjoy a reciprocal support when some other political bet is thrown to ward 9 later or in the future.


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma