Thursday, 17 August 2017

President Trump of America Sacks His Only Nigerian Adviser

Trump sacked him today alongside other recognized CEOs directing him by means of two councils on the best way to "Make America Great Again". 

Trump sacked Ogunlesi on Twitter, when he declared the disintegration of two business advisory councils, all at once. Ogunlesi was an individual from the Strategic and Policy Forum, one of the two disbanded by the flighty president. 

The other group was the Manufacturing Jobs Initiative Council. Ogunlesi, heads Global Infrastructure Partners, a private value firm and one of Fortune 500 organizations. He was the main African on the board. 

The New York Times detailed before Trump's tweeted disintegration, that individuals from Ogunlesi's board were debating dissolving the body completely as Trump floundered further into extremism entanglement. Be that as it may, Trump appropriated their turn.


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