Monday, 18 September 2017


By Ejaeta Odjugo. 

I am deeply worried about the manner some of our Delta APC Pressure Groups have been operating, because the trend in which grievances and complaints are taken with impunity to the media under the watch of our political detractors (PDP), is more than what meets the eye. 

These acts no doubt, is capable of destroying the nascent peace in the party and even causing ethnic divisions amongst us party faithfuls. The efforts of certain party leaders in fostering this peace, notwithstanding.

Most worrisome are the recent publications sponsored both online and even on print, by Chief Haycinth Enuha and his supporters under the aegis of the Consolidated Dynamic APC, CDA.

(See Vanguard Newspaper Publication of September 15th, Pg. 13 & that of 17th September, 2017 for facility of reference).

We all will recall that the Delta State APC Chairman, Prophet Erhue Ode Jones, issued a public statement on the same September 15th, upon notice of the Vanguard Newspaper Publication by CDA, wherein he enjoined the Group and all concerned 'to immediately discontinue the self help stance and resort to the internal processes of the state party...'

Quite surprisingly, the same publication which spurred the State Chairman's official statement was sponsored once more, by Chief Haycinth Enuha and his CDA Group thereby causing it to be published for the 2nd time on September 17th.- A spite on the State Chairman's Public Statement and the directions contained therein.

This act, to say the least is an affront to the office of the State Chairman and other internal state party organs presently in force. This act of defiance should therefore not be taken with levity by the Party. 

I urge the State Chairman and Excos to rise up to the occasion while treating these acts of defiance by the Chief Haycinth Enuha-led CDA Group with the severity that it requires.

Further to the above, I also move for the activation of all party mechanisms regulating the activities of all political pressure groups operating within the party, to forestall a future reoccurrence of these acts.

Quite naturally, one would wonder the agenda behind these publications, petitions and unlawful stakeholder meetings. 

The aim of causing disunity and confusion within the Party remains one too many of these hidden agenda. 

Furthermore, what does CDA wish to gain by levelling baseless allegations against the EDP of NDDC who evidently has worked selflessly for the Delta APC since he took office? 

With all due respect to Chief Enuha, let it be known that projects are awarded through due process in all Federal Ministries and Agencies. Hence, they are published in national dailies for the public to tender for them. Did he or any of his members tender for those projects published and was rebuffed or shortchanged? 

A question only the acclaimed APC Chieftain and convener of 'stakeholder meetings' can answer.

In the same vein, I believe projects are not allocated like petroleum products and so can not be hijacked. And assuming but not conceeding that this is possible, The EDP who is just one of the members of the board, lacks the power to singlehandedly do so.

Furthermore, The Petition written to Mr President by the CDA Group through the Group’s courier, Mrs Lauretta Onochie further brings to limelight this hidden agenda of Chief Enuha to further divide the party along ethnic lines. 

Mrs Lauretta Onochie who is one of the Aides to Mr President, since her appointment, has neither assisted any APC member in Delta State nor supported the party in any regard, be it through empowerment schemes and other support mediums. 

Worthy of note also, is that no media show, petition and/or stakeholder meeting was or has been called by Chief Enuha and his CDA group or by any other 'stakeholder' for that matter. 

I think this is a clear case of 'calling a dog a bad name in order to hang it. 

I stand to be corrected, but if there is no hidden agenda against the Urhobo nation, why single out the EDP to be reprimanded by Mr President over alleged 'lopsided' patronage to party men, whereas him (Chief Enuha) and his Group, turns a blind eye from his kinsmen who occupy other reputable Federal Parastatals and Ministries like the NNPC, Ministry Of Petroleum, SON and even within the Presidency.

Chief Enuha and his CDA Group should show us a single patronage or empowerment programme benefitted by any APC faithful from these other appointees from Delta State which has made him and his group to be silent on their default.

Also, Permit me to ask how many 'stakeholder meetings' and petitions he has written to Mr. President against them or sent to the press? It is said that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. 

Take note, My well meaning brothers from Delta North are not with you in this empty political voyage. We must remain United to win the 2019 elections.


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma