Tuesday, 19 September 2017


By Billy Egbe

In recent times, there have been series of malicious attacks on the office of the Executive Director-Projects of the NDDC, Engr. (Chief) Samuel Adjogbe, FNSE, over what the masterminds describe as "Hijacking of Contracts" and in the light of the resultant imbroglio and image problem that such malicious attacks are capable of causing the party, I am constrained to air my personal opinion on the matter, with the view that those who are at the forefront of the "WAR AGAINST THE EDP" will see reasons to sheath their swords and follow due process in registering whatever displeasure they might be nursing.

Right now, there are several uninformed opinions about the NDDC and the modus operandi of the office of the EDP, no thanks to people who are hardwired to the spirit of divisiveness and hell-bent on having the King kill the Baby so that everyone remains childless. 

For the purpose of clarity and to also inform those who do not have the understanding of how the office of the EDP-NDDC functions, I wish to state in clear terms that the accusations of contract hijacking are not only absurd but totally ridiculous, speculative and unworthy of belief. There are laid down procedures for securing contracts in the NDDC and interested parties are expected to follow these procedures to get what they want instead of derailing into character assassination. 

In fact, if it is not for sheer hatred and the need to destroy what others have built, why would anyone put total focus on just one office in the NDDC leaving out 14 other offices that make up the NDDC Governing Board? To those who may not be aware of the composition of the management of the NDDC, it may interest you to know that the NDDC MANAGEMENT is made up of 32 persons and the EDP is just one of these 32 people. 

In the same vein, The NDDC which covers a total of 9 States in her scope of operation, has Delta State has just one of them. A plethora of other interests, I must say. 

In this era of social media, it is not an uncommon thing for anyone to just pick up his phablet, armed with inadequate information and turn himself into an EMERGENCY JOURNALIST with the sole aim of causing confusion among gullible elements. It is in the light of the above reason, that it is sometimes necessary to respond to certain malicious attacks like the ones aimed at the EDP in recent times. 

For any discerning mind in this party, the salient questions and demands ought not to be restricted to the office of the EDP as checks have revealed that he is just one appointee among many other appointees in the party. Considering the fact that Delta APC has the Federal Ministry of Petroleum which is a hundred and one times bigger than the NDDC, the Niger Delta River Basin Development Authority, NEXIM, Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), etc. I am constrained to ask if it is fair enough for everyone to neglect other appointees and focus exclusively on the office of the EDP. 

It is unfair to say the least. 

In the spirit of fairness and equity, it would make a whole lot of sense, if the pressure everyone puts on the office of the EDP is reduced and channeled to other appointees in Delta APC.

I don't want to believe that those who are hell bent on destroying the hard-earned reputation of the EDP are afraid of asking other appointees in the party also for these empowerment programmes and support.

Worthy of note is the fact that, the EDP is also subject to authority within the Interventionist Agency and it would be very unfair to attack him as if he were the sole administrator of the NDDC. That office is exposed to so much pressure and it is very unfortunate that Deltans, his own ‘party men’ are the ones who are at the forefront of the battle against him, not minding the fact that his office covers all the Nine states of the Niger Delta. Should other states attack his office in the same manner, what would happen? 

I implore everyone who is aggrieved for any reason to channel their grievances appropriately instead of subjecting the office of the EDP to public ridicule and I also implore everyone to pay attention to other appointees in the party and give the EDP some space to continue his service to the Niger Delta. The NDDC is working and that is what is most important.

Finally, a situation where equal attention is also given to all other APC appointees whilst been made to also contribute to the welfare of the party, will provide a more formidable front for the APC to take over Delta State come 2019.


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma