Saturday, 2 September 2017

Huston Harvey update: A woman shares how she lost her home & properties

Facebook client Halle Elizabeth Rose shares how she lost everything because of the Harvey in Huston USA. 

She spelled her list of lost in her write up, even as she has been unable to access her home. 

She writes.... 

Though I've lost my car to Harvey and we are unable to get into Mitch's apartment, Mitch Young and I and our fur babies are all safe and sound. By the grace of God, our friends and loved ones in the area are also safe, though many have experienced serious losses. Terrible things have happened and are continuing to happen in Houston and surrounding areas as a result of the storm and flooding. I am, however, immensely inspired and encouraged by all those who are sacrificing their time, efforts, and resources for those who are in need. 

Thanks most of all to my dear friend Katie who rescued me from the Houston area, is allowing me to stay with her in Bryan and wear her clothes as needed, and is driving me to and from Waco for my important meetings this week all while starting her first week in her doctoral program at A&M! 

The moral of this story? Be like my friend Katie! Do what you can for those in Houston and surrounding areas who have lost all they have, as well as keeping an ear open for what you can do for those affected by severe flooding in Southeast Asia. It doesn't matter if it's objectively a little or a lot, if you give generously of yourself every bit helps and is greatly appreciated!


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