Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Imaobong Akpan Akpan writes.. without a defined Plan, progress remains untraceable - Akwa Ibom @30

While sharing my opinion on PlanetFM last week regarding Akwa Ibom State @30, I did propose the need for the government to include as part of its activities a Stakeholders Round-table discussion on salient issues.

Issues like having an all inclusive long term #Plan.

If we have a 10 or 20year old Plan for the state, it'll further guide us to properly assess our collective growth especially in comparison with our resources. 

Without a defined Plan, progress remains untraceable. 

Without proper stocktaking, we can only be moving around in circles, and this encourages cheating on the part of government while the people get shortchanged ultimately. 

In the next 10, 20 years Akwa Ibom State will be 40, 50years. How will we tell if we've grown and made strides without setting #Goals, achievable, countable goals to enable us measure collective success or failure as the case may be? 

In the next 10 years, how many hospitals do we want to see established? And what quality do we hope to give to those health facilities?? 

What kind of Public schools do we want to have in the state? Can we have a Bill that checkmates the dichotomy between public and private schools so that we can at least provide basic affordable and quality education to our children?? 

Is it not possible for Akwa Ibom State to be Food Sufficient in the next 20 years? What are the plans?? 

We should equally agree on how to culturally and politically deal with any Public Servant that steals or divert our Commonwealth. Because the reason we do not have what we should is simply that individuals whom we entrust our patrimony to manage for us end up stealing to build their private empires. And this for the good of all must STOP. 

We all must Unite to take a stand against such, for they are indeed the identified enemies of State. 

We've just dusted the celebration table of the State at 30, an age equivalent to Maturity and Responsibility. I doubt anyone of us can boldly declare if we've Succeeded or Failed as a state, and hardly can we blame those who will unfruitfully make such attempt. Because there's a stack absence of set standards for adequate measurements and tracking. We simply don't have a specific, preferably written #Roadmap that should have guided our productivity attitude. 

We're done and dusted with the 30th, What do we plan for the 50th?? 

Is it going to be another Orange September with Colorifications and Ndokos who probably won't know what year President Buhari was elected president or the full meaning of AKBC?? 

That will be determined by today's plans, it'll neither be a coincidence nor rocket science. 

If as individuals we see it fit to have long term plans, Akwa Ibom State sure deserves to be given a befitting one. 

The disappointment or the pride of our children will be dependent on the #Legacy we bequeath to them, and legacies are products of Deliberate Plans executed.

Imaobong Akpan Akpan 
A Sociopolitical Analyst.


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma