Saturday, 9 September 2017

Is it accurate to say that you are A BREAD LADY OR A GARRI LADY?

(This is for women. The variant is coming) 

I recollect a companion of mine disclosing to me how he used to take care of his yearning issue in the times of destitution. He said he would go to any market where they show distinctive sort of garri for sale. He would value it and grasp practically modest bunch of every sort of garri and eat it, "testing" to know whether the garri is great. He said he can pose a flavor like four sorts of garri like that, and he won't purchase any one. He would simply give one reason either by saying the garri is not sufficiently acrid or that he will get it when he is returning. He said when he has eaten four modest bunch of garri, he would simply purchase a sachet of unadulterated water& drink and he would be alright for that minute. I prodded him that why wouldn't you be able to do that in the event that you are ravenous and you wish to eat bread. At that point he said you need them to slaughter me?. The bread is inside a nylon oo and you can't take it without first paying and once you tear the nylon, it means​ you have paid for it or you are paying  for it. 

This is the motivation I got from this discussion. We have this 2 sorts of single women today. We have 'Garri women's and 'Bread women'. We have such a large number of women today that men are simply utilizing their sexual organs to understand their sexual appetite. You have dated 5 to 6 men and each of them have kissed you, sucked your bosoms, romanced you and they have the memory of your kissing, sentiment and room ability with them. My sister, you are a garri woman. It doesn't make a difference your scholastic capabilities and economic wellbeing, in the event that you offer your body in return for cash, for scholarly evaluations, work, or some other support, you are just a Garri woman. On the off chance that you uncover your bosoms and other private parts of your body just to get likes and shabby remarks via web-based networking media, you are a Garri woman. Let me shock you, men are sustaining their desire through your body. Also, much the same as that my companion would do, when that your sweetheart, supervisor, suger daddy and Facebook fans are finished with you, they will dump you. They know you are bad to be an upright spouse. 

On alternate hands, we have " Bread women'. In the event that you like, name them " mumu women, or call them " suegbe women, gullible women, or S.U women's yet they are more shrewd than you on the off chance that you are a garri woman. They save their body and have made a promise that whosoever will 'tear their nylon' must be the man they are hitched to. They are not "outside" like a showed garri. They are inside the "nylon" of elegance, piety, individual esteems and honesty. They have faith in internal virginity ( virtue of heart) and outward virginity. They don't work with sexual sins. They comprehend that their bodies are the sanctuaries of God. They flee from each type of pollution. They dress wonderfully, enchanting however not provocatively or in a two-faced way. They vote in favor of virtue. God is pleased with them. The world may abhor them, however they don't care the slightest bit! They may call them distinctive censorious names, yet they don't trouble themselves. They have seen the future ahead and are prepping themselves for it. They won't enable their names to be a piece of the " Guinness' book of record of " Used and dumped' women. On the off chance that they have any motivation to leave any relationship, they exit with their confidence and respect for no person can ridicule them that he has "completed" them. Our reality is in deficiency of " bread women's today. They are not very many! 

Hi woman, which side would you say you are? . I offer you trust today, on the off chance that you are a " garri woman', you can settle on a choice to end up plainly a " bread woman' today. Say bye to this neglectful sexual improper life. Give your life to Jesus. Those of you who are into romance and you went into that romance as a bread woman however now you have turned into a garri woman behind the shut entryways. God is calling you to apology. Stop it!. Return into your 'nylon'. Give your pride a chance to be reestablished. On the off chance that that person can hardly wait till marriage before every one of those kissing, stroking , romancing and sex, at that point let him go! . At long last to valuable 'bread women', I charge you by the leniency of God, don't permit any one, any person, any difficult circumstance or transient pick up transform you to a 'garri woman' Sexual immaculateness pays! ( 1 Corinthians 6: 15-20).. A debt of gratitude is in order for perusing and altering where fundamental. (Garri is a Nigerians sustenance made out of cassava-cassava chips )


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma