Sunday, 5 November 2017


The youths of delta state has been charged to go into skills acquisition 

The Executive Assistant to the Governor of Delta State on Marine Development, The United Nations Ambassador on Sustainable Development Goals Amb. Oghene Karo Ekewenu made this known while commending Annie Idibia Foundation (AICARE FOUNDATION) during a press conference at Abuja for supporting Skills Acquisition Programs.

According to Amb Karo " The era of looking for white collar jobs to survive as a youth is over.

Over times, The Delta State Government and the Federal Government has taken skills acquisition serious .

This is why in my state, the Gov Okowa’s led administration created the Job and Wealth Creation Scheme which according to fact has reduced the unemployment rate in the state by empowering 40,000 youths .

The fact is that, Getting a skill and being self employed pay more than getting a white Collar job.

Most of our youths who are making it out there are not based on white Collar jobs but are entrepreneurs."

Amb Karo who also called on Oil Companies, Non Governmental Organisations to support government in the fight against unemployment said The lasting empowerment you can give to a youth is Skill Acquisition.

Speaking further, Amb Karo seek for government intervention in entrepreneurship centres across the country .

"As at today, we have various entrepreneurship centres where our youths can get acquire skills.

The Federal Government must encourage our youths by equipping entrepreneurship centres.

Its paramount dor our yotuhs to be well equipped with various skills because to be an Entrepreneur, you must acquire a skill and create jobs for others.

Taking advantage of Skills Acquisition as a youth is like taking your future serious .

The Governor Ifeanyi Okowa Government is committed to making sure every youth is taken out of the street.

As an Ambassador, I will always support skills Acquisition because it reduces unemployment rate more than the white collar jobs" he said while calling on well meaning individuals to emulate Annie Idibia Foundation in reducing unemployment rate.


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma