Friday, 5 January 2018

A generation who have so much savvy information of the book of scriptures and with their heart so evil.

We require a gospel that we recover people!.... How can someone look into the eyes of final year students who are doing thanksgiving/send-fort which dependably come even before the last test of the years, and Prophecy in their life that around this time one year from now you will purchase a car and assemble your own particular house? Indeed, even the void mind [so called last year students] will surge and drop cash at his/her feet, yelling Amen... Who showed you that gospel?

What about the one, a minister who knows exceptionally well that the main vocation of the general population is cultivating, they posted you to a town and everything you can do is raise 4 to 5 times of offering without considering the work the general population do, 'saying it to my listening ability' "am not like other ministers. Be that as it may, when they put 20 naira in the offering box you are not satisfied.... So others are sufficiently bad since they didn't compel the general population to get cash to come to church? 

Who are you beguiling, Jesus Christ the genuine and undiluted gospel that is assume to be available to all men or yourself, the thriving you are lecturing, the measure of individuals you have mended or how tough the power you have? I don't generally realize what to state any longer this is a weight to me at this moment since when I sit some at some places and individuals share their testimony in light of the setting in which they are continually saying the words, is disturbing... Do You see how they approach the name of the God of their minister? Where is your own particular God nkwanu? 

Nigeria is the main nation I realize that has such huge numbers of many places of worship yet high rate of defilement, I hear somebody say the greatest assembly hall where Christians are in the entire world accumulate is in Nigeria, yet our nation is so degenerate this way. 

They put the fault on any individual who situates in government house, not realizing that even the individuals who censure them in our podiums can't confront them and rehash a similar thing 'if at all there are any who can do such it must be few'. 

I don't realize what you think about this piece yet I simply need to voice out in light of the fact that I can't hold it anymore.... Do You know I read supplications upon petitions regular on Facebook? Both in private messages and when am surfing Facebook? The thing that troubles me is that non of them is fixated on Christ, it's about success even the little that are focused on Christ scarcely get loves or even any type of response talk a greater amount of remarks. You know that moment when you post a thing on facebook and you are looking for a like lol. It's surprising to see that when someone post non relevant things on facebook that's the fun people want to see. Use facebook wisely I beg of you!

Sufficiently amusing they will reveal to you Facebook isn't a congregation, it's not a congregation to announce Christ to others through those communicate messages even the ones on whatsapp however it's a place to post all your supposed success supplications? "That has no impact to humankind and the group of Christ" Rubbish! 

It would be ideal if you in the event that you have really done reading  this, I implore you to be watchful of that your alleged man or godly woman who don't present Jesus Christ to you regardless of the sort of sermon he/she lectures. 

Abeg make I stop there... make God help his people in Jesus name. For 2018 is a year of knowing Christ and knowing him deeper. Because if you know him they will never play with your soul with their "cabucabu" messages.


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma