Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Latimore's appointment and the lessons we are not learning

By Fejiro Oliver

I'm not your everyday writer who paints words. I say it the way it is, blunt, straight and direct. Hit your head on wall of Jericho if you want.

So sweet to talk about patience and virtue simply because Latimore Fred Oghenesivbe has lost out on a Federal board appointment. We are quick to admonish him on how he should have been patient with Emerhor and APC before joining Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa as EA Communication.

Come on folks. If I were in Latimore's shoes, I would have done same, by jumping ship to go to where I'm valued. No man stays in a place where he's oppressed, rejected and made to look like he's been done a favor. I do not have time for patience when I'm not well treated. Different strokes for different folks.

I'm a young man with hot blood rushing through my veins. You cannot watch me risk my integrity and career on the line for you and you sit and watch me being ridiculed by your aides or followers and you don't call them to order. No matter how little my effort contributed to raising you up and giving you publication, we all deserve to be appreciated..
Latimore as an individual took the fire for APC and Otega Emerhor. He was the armour bearer and political ADC to him. In Emerhor's deepest sleep, he crafts press releases that the principal is not aware of and at the end, nothing tangible comes out, and you expect such a person to be patient. If that's what it means to be patient, please remove such from my dictionary.

I lose my patience when I ask for recommendation or money and I'm not given. I'm not asking you to give me the N10 million I ask for but give me N6 million. Don't tell me any crap of not working for the money and shouldn't demand for it. I know why I demanded for it. When you don't give me and I'm left to ridicule, I quit. You don't give me the money one year to you leaving office and expects me to jump up like you have done me one big favor. You don't give someone who laboured for you a board appointment that will expire next year and tie a condition to it. No reasonable man takes it.

Principals and CEOs should learn to value their good hands, defend them and rise to the occasion when they face challenges. Anyone who cannot stand for you deserved to be dumped. Call me an impatient dude and I will gladly print the signboard and hang on my neck. Not everyone of us can be a politician. Not everyone of us can be a communicator. We compliment each other and must tally along.

This is same thing with Okowa's government. They wait until you get angry and stretched to your breaking point of patient. It's in this government that Commissioners makes it look as if giving you just N25 million yearly is a big deal, like its their personal money or you are not working for it. It's only in this government that board executives makes you feel privileged if you are given N500,000 weekly as if you don't deliver on the job. Rubbish!

Preach patience to anyone you can but as for me, my patience has since reached its bandwidth and the repercussions is what we will all bear later.

Like a friend of mine once told Kogi State Governor, "Since you won't give me the money I asked for, you will spend more defending your government and paying media Editors". Today he's daily paying for it. It's penny wise, pound foolish.

401 days to election and everyone will be paid back in their own coins. Patience my foot!


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma