Friday, 12 January 2018


Life is becoming worthless, short and brute in Nigeria, no human feelings or conscience attached, the sanctity of life is gone, cultists, gangsters and armed robbers kill and maim, they massacre and spill blood like water on streets, homes and public places. Violence and lawlessness rather than rule of law has overtaken reason, revenge culture is strong because state institutions like the Judiciary are faltering and people have lost confidence in them, the judiciary considering resources needed to arrest, hire a lawyer and prosecute a case has become exclusive preserve of the rich. The poor who cannot afford three square meals a day considering cost of litigations, cannot afford it so no alternative but resort to jungle justice in seeking redress.

Cultism and gangsterism are encouraged and sponsored by the rich to protect political and economic interests, they sponsor oppressive tenderness using the police to guide and protect their ills while ordinary man on the street is slaughtered without human value, animals have value than human life, human life is desecrated yet no religion or traditional institutions allow this carnage. Our animalistic tendencies make us a people without conscience, values and fear of God, morals in our earthly sojourn are thrown to the dogs. There is danger because anarchy lucks in the streets, homes that death has become a common denominator in daily living. 

Kidnapping for ransom and armed robbery have become gainful employment, social violence with youths tottering dangerous weapons has become a common feature, ethnic militias are lords while government is helpless, since the rich secure themselves and only the poor suffer consequences of insecurity they play politics with human life. Whenever bloodbath happens the police usual familiar comment is “we are on top of the situation and appeal to citizens to go about their normal duties without fear” yet when another happens same old statements are repeated and these statements have become our collective mockery and government insensitivity, making people to lost confidence in security agencies. The Buhari APC government fiddles while the killings go on, the killings of Badoo cult in Ikorodu Lagos, the kidnappers, the herdsmen killing farmers in Plateau, Taraba, and Benue, in other states yet lip service is paid to security.

This deceit is encouraging violence and also encouraging law abiding citizens into violence, a man whose parents, children and kinsmen had been slaughtered needs nothing but justice and if the state cannot guarantee him such rational demand he will seek other means of survival because he will not allow himself to be slaughtered like his kinsmen without resistance, this may fuel violence and indiscriminate retaliatory killings in the land. President Buhari is shying away from this, insecurity is not only about Boko Haram in the north East, but Herdsmen killing farmers without arrest, it’s about kidnappings, it’s about hunger, unemployment that is forcing youths into exodus in foreign lands, it’s about growing cult gangs in schools and higher institutions, we must employ the little conscience left to arrest the current slippery to anarchy in the land.

Buhari continual running away from devolution of powers promised Nigerian during his campaigns for the Presidency means collusion with northern agenda that doesn’t believe in restructuring, Northerners are beneficiary of current lopsided structure and this is making him a sectional President, he should have taken a middle path of compromise as a statesman. As it is today Mr. President is wiser than millions clamouring for restructuring. On New Year day service in Omoku Rivers State, unarmed worshippers were killed by armed gangs, in Benue more than fifty persons were killed by herdsmen on the second day of New Year, on same day a traditional ruler, his wife and child wear killed by gunmen in southern Kaduna and his palace burnt. What was the government response? Same old rhetoric and this government has become government of statements rather than actions. 

How many perpetuators of these killings have been apprehended? Yet they continue in the helpless situation we find ourselves. We cannot continue this way, a system where few in government are protected while the majority is left unprotected and slaughtered like rams is an unhealthy society, unfortunately these unreasonable leaders got there through the votes of the masses. The current Nigerian police have lost trust of the people. We need a security system that puts people first because these criminals who perpetuate these crimes are no ghosts but human, security for each state is unique according to individual peculiarities and today we need a policing system that has collaboration of each local community to work. We need a police system whose strength comes from the grass roots in intelligence and competence. 

This is where state police becomes inevitable for states that can afford it; state police must be under supervision and control of the Federal Police to prevent abuses. State police are recruited from same localities where individual hails from, they know themselves and the difficult terrains, they will be source of information and stabilization in various communities and these communities can trust them in intelligence information because they are part of them. Critics against state police are hypocrites, today many state government equip the Federal police with operational vehicles and funds to assist in security, many states today have armed vigilante groups with hunters weapons in several localities to assists the police force. We have police - communities’ relations and the Inspector General of Police frequently emphasizes on community policing.

Why should the same Federal government be against devolution of powers? Why not encourage state police as a viable option? We must not play politics with lives of Nigerians by unnecessary debates as we must put politics of national goals above sectional interest. The northern region, Eastern Region and western Region did gain self government at different dates; the states in present Nigeria do not have to develop at same pace because the peculiarities and resources of each state are different. The present national Assembly is filled with men and women with personal gains rather than national growth, what stops them from enacting bills that propels the Buhari executive from waking from their slumber?

We should not lament but use our votes to speak, those who register but don’t cast their votes and those who never registered are doing Nigeria a great disservice because when we fail to vote we lost our voice at every stage of development, unfortunately politics is controlled by stomach scavengers and this is bane of society, when money, foodstuff buy your votes what do you expect from elected representatives? When we encourage looters of the economy and the morally bankrupt to rule our lives what do you expect? Nigerians should not rely on media debate of restructuring or devolution of power but use their votes to speak with one voice, this is how to restructure Nigeria and make it a dream.

We may not restructure at full swoop but we can begin today by tackling insecurity in the land, the bloodbath in the land is alarming and insensitivity of Buhari is callous, Buhari APC government must move beyond statements to actions to restore hope because without it hopelessness reigns. Human lives must be sacred in conjunction with Holy books and our traditions, we must not be insensitive because we are not affected, we must not merely condemn but put on our thinking cap on preferring solutions, and solution to insecurity is establishment of state police to compliment federal police structure.

We must also begin a value system in schools, homes and work places that discourage greed and celebration of unmerited wealth, we must in our communities celebrate pious frugality and untainted character and reward such with traditional titles, not celebrate mediocrity, criminality and unmerited wealth. We must embrace timeless virtues and not use religious services for personal edification. Religious commitment must not be on lips but hearts visible in actions. The anarchy imposed by blood sucking demons and heartless irredentist cannibals is a threat to all, we must stop them with ideas and values, and we must restructure institutions and our minds in having a better society.

Prince Akpo’ Abugo

SA Social Advocacy/Director Orientation

Delta South.

This Article was picked from his facebook account


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