Tuesday, 6 February 2018



By Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe Esq.

I predicted it the very day these two strange bird fellows and their political associates converged at the National Headquarters of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abuja, for re-union.

The re-union was fake in all ramifications and it was glaring in their body language. They held hands together with Chief Odigie Oyegu, they sang, danced, dined and wined together. I sat in a corner watching the political poison being served, hot and fresh.

That evening at Transcorp Hilton, I lost my cool. I looked at my former principal, Olorogun Otega Emerhor in the face and shook my head. He saw the disapproval and depression melting out, I was soaked in pains for the future. My body language and expression was loud and clear. He got it instantly but didnt give a damn because of the personal gains ahead.

My former principal bluntly refused to carry me along in the reconciliation process which paved way for the satanic political re-union between him and Chief Great Ogboru. Strange, isn't it? Yea! From that day forward, things changed and the political permutation took another dimension.

 A thick conspiracy was built around me, fuelled by dirty political intrigues and I had to go. But before checking-out of APC, I told my former principal that "evil days" we're ahead. I told him that Chief Great Ogboru will make frantic efforts to take his pound of flesh. Ogboru and Senator Augustine Ovie Omo Agege will never forgive Emerhor for the events that happened few days to the GUBER elections in 2015.

 It was a press statement from the Emerhor campaign alleging that Chief Ogboru stepped down for Emerhor so as to actualize the Urhobo Governorship ambition as contained in the Uvwiamuge Declaration. The statement was signed by me for the Emerhor campaign. It caused pandemonium and it hurts Ogboru and Senator Agege till date.

That event accounted for the reason Emerhor deliberately did not involve me in his kangaroo reconciliation with Ogboru. It also paved way for the internal conspiracy that led to my exit from the APC (no regrets) just to please Ogboru and Agege. I did my job as a consultant according to our terms of contract but was later sacrificed over a fake political

Less than three months of my exit from Delta APC, the cold political war between Emerhor and Ogboru started. The cold political debacle is now matured and the battle for supremacy has commenced in full force and in the open towards 2019 guber elections.

Deltans must know that Delta APC is structured to fail, it has no internal democracy, no ideology and no socioeconomic agenda good enough to bring about credible leadership. This glaring war between Emerhor and Ogboru shall be the last straw that will break the camel's back. APC DELTA will go into total extinction in Delta State after 2019 general elections. Ogboru will certainly leave the party before general elections but he will ensure that nothing is left behind for Emerhor. Gov Okowa will win again in 2019 with astonishing wide margin.

If I must say this, Emerhor has invested so much in Delta APC, in terms of time, treasure and talent. Ogboru on the other hand has invested nothing and I mean nothing in Delta APC, apart from the Light of Labour structure he donated to Delta APC so as to grab political power from Emerhor as punishment for the events of 2015 as explained above. It is on record that Senator Ovie Omo Agege never liked Emerhor from Adam. While he held sway during Ibori administration, Agege worked so hard to frustrate Emerhor from achieving his political aspirations under Chief Ibori's political structure.

Emerhor eventually fell out and have been fighting from opposite direction till date. Strange political bird fellows, right! Ogboru is also bitter that Emerhor later abandoned him in Democratic Peoples Party (DPP) for the Action Progress of Nigeria (ACN) which gave birth to the APC. The duo fought themselves dirty during 2015 guber elections as candidates of APC and the Labour Party (LP).

Barely six months after the 2015 governorship elections, these political enemies pretended to be friends again and Ogboru joined the APC, specifically to demand his pound of flesh from Emerhor by rocking his political boat mid-sea.

The appointed time is now. The political psunami has just began and I can tell you it will be deadly and fierce. At the end, Ogboru and Senator Agege will defect to APGA party while Emerhor will buldoze his way through Chief Oyegun and Chief Rotimi Amaechi to clinch the APC 2019 guber ticket. As you know, Ogboru hates party primaries with perfect hatred hence the deal with Valentine Egbe (former Emerhor loyalist) to collect signature of APC Ward Chairmen endorsing Ogboru as the sole APC guber candidate. It will fail YAKATA and APGA shall adopt Ogboru as its sole governorship candidate for 2019. And of course, Senator Agege will go with Ogboru. Without Ogboru, Agege is nobody politically. He will continue to ride through the back of Ogboru, going forward.

 Deltans must of a necessity avoid APC and these political warlords who can never win elections in the State, due to their selfish personal interests. Looking at Delta APC from 2013 till date, the party has been bedevilled with multifaceted internal problems and failures; 2019 shall be a shameful outing for APC in Delta State and in Nigeria. SIgn-in today for OKOWA

AGAIN 2019. Take it or leave it, the Ogboru and Emerhor political war is an indication that APC lacks internal democracy, a platform for unserious politicians.


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma