Thursday, 15 February 2018

Is It Possible That A Nigerian Female Graduate Can't Cook Common Egusi Soup?

Hello everyone, I was forced to ask this question from what I witness this last few days, that someone who claimed to be a graduate, who schooled and was brought up in Nigeria can't cook common Egusi soap. Have you ever thought about this that is impossible?

So I met this lady who actually did some cooking for the family, after everyone who tested the food testify about the food, I decided to have a taste myself, Chineke! it was yampata!, Even though the guys were hungry and it was late to go out to get food, some had no choice than to add salt to the soap and eat from it.

I must say this, please if you are a lady and have not learnt how to cook common Nigerian soaps like Egusi, you never try at all!, just after swallowing the first mold of Eba, the boys who eat the food started saying all sorts of things about ladies who can't cook. I even hear one saying every woman who can't cook has no excuse at all.

Trust me, those guys are very right if they complain, but my concern is, she is grown, and there is a man looking up to her right now that she will be his wife any moment from now, the question is how will the man feel if he hear this about the lady in question.

My friend Chinonso said something, that if eventually he married her without knowing who really she was and that she doesn't know how to cook then definitely she will have to go meet her mom to learn how to cook for like a year before returning back to the house. 

lol but that could be a step to divorcing her you know?

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, how will you judge this matter? Is it actually possible for a Nigerian Graduate who finished school from Nigeria schools to be a nonentity when it comes to cooking common Nigeria meals?

I said something to Chinonso in the cause of disusing this topic, I actually thought that this happens to most girls who lived all their lives in boarding schools, but he said no to my words, and rightly said, it depends on individuals, but Godson who was with us also said, he thinks the problem is from the parents, that she was over pampered.

Do you have people around you who are exhibiting this attitude? how did they overcome it?

Photo Credit: IYB


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