Monday, 5 February 2018

Moment With Chilaka: I want to talk about Lisa Nichols.

Though her story is a long one but I will focus more on the lessons from the life she has led so far.
Lisa Nichols is a motivational speaker - a woman who changes and touches souls with her true life stories. She grew to her age of marriage embracing one of her worst nightmares; having a son for a man who is spending almost all his life in jail.

She and her son, Julani, kept growing through the difficulties life threw at them until one day when she spoke into her life. She said,"Son, one day, Mama will never be this broke again," her hand placed on him. 

Her words grew like a seed planted by the side of a river and caused changes that were beyond her imaginations. She turned from a once shameful depressed single mother to one of the most sought after speaker whose life stories proffers solutions to people's problems.

The first lesson from Lisa's stories is knowing that;

1.  The words we say to/into our situations are like decrees and declarations.

2. "The reason a lot of people won't become who they want to be is because they are attached to the 'who' they birthed," says Lisa. 

Lisa was determined to change from being a depressed woman into a different soul even though she didn't know what her dreams were at that time. Her visions were clouded with shame but she relentlessly fought to break away from the who she birthed.

3. "You forgive yourself for everything you've done to yourself," says Lisa.

A lot of us hold on to the things we didn't do right instead of fighting to right the wrong. 
It took Lisa years to forgive herself for getting involved with the kind of man she got involved with. She forgave herself for the words she didn't say right and for all the times she beat herself. The minute she forgave herself, she got out of her own way and life began to obey her words.
4. "You want to grow and yet you want to stay liked by everyone?" Asked Lisa.
When Lisa's family thought he crazy for her bravery, she shut the door and focused on the road ahead. She made herself believe that her love for herself was enough and likes from others were extra.

Lisa let go of everything and everyone - the heights of their undying love for her didn't matter. She knew she would become valuable to them when she had achieved the growth she needed in her life. 

5. The People Who Know What You Know. 
The dying embers in Lisa's life began to heat up when she left her circles into ones bigger and larger. Her life remained the same until she began to associate with people who knew a lot of things she didn't know. 

6. Lisa invested hugely in her dreams even when she didn't know what the dream was.
After Lisa got a job she worked all day with just a thirty minutes break, she began to save for a dream she didn't know. She only knew there was a dream. She had a savings in the bank which she named 'Funding my Dreams Account." She took out the same amount from her pay everyday to fund her dream account and after a three and half year, she went to the bank to check how much savings she had made for her 'dream.'

Lisa said every staff at the institution gathered to ask, "Ma'am, are the 'Funding my Dream Lady? Wow! What's this dream?"
Everyone burst into tears when she was presented with her savings of 62,500$ and she said she couldn't have saved up to such amount.

Lisa's life took a more beautiful turn from that day and she began to tell her stories. 

7. Most times, the world watches how we treat ourselves and follows our examples of how to treat us. Life, too.
While Lisa wallowed in depression, pity and mockery became all she got because depression danced all over her despite the clothes, the smiles and the laughter's covering the teary eyes underneath.
But when Lisa stood to speak into her life, everything changed. The world learned a different and better way to treat her. 

8. The power of mantra.
Mantras are ways of reminding ourselves, the day, fate and the world, who we are.
Lisa's mantra kept her going even though they meant nothing to her at first. She 'faithed' them until she became the words in her mantra. 

9. Don't climb down slowly... Just Jump!!!
Lisa was determined never to take life slowly because life and time itself would never pause for a while to let her think of the step she needed to take next. She needed to take the steps spontaneously but slowly. At a point, Lisa began to jump. 

There are only three options when you decide to jump:
a) It's either you jump and fly.
b) Jump and fall on something soft.
c) Jump and fall on something hard.
But either way, you will always get up to try again and when there are scars, they serve as evidences for your stories.
10. Death.
Lisa feared dying from suffering and pains and shames but when she got hold of life, she lost all of those fears. Her only fears became dying before the world hears her stories and feels her breaths. Her only fears became leaving this place without the world knowing she was here. These fears has kept her going. 

10. Our Stories. Who is your story for?
This is one of the most important lessons.
Our stories most times are what that fellow fellow holding a knife to his neck needs to let that knife fall off. They are what that young man who has sold his soul needs to fight to get his soul back again.
Our stories are solutions to problems. They are answers to prayers and they are never meant to die with us.

Hey you reading this, the most wicked thing you can ever do to the world is to die with your story. Tell your story while you still can because it is what I need to survive.


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