Thursday, 15 March 2018




I have read with utter surprise a supposed rejoinder with the above mentioned subject and what first comes to mind was how the paid writer was able to muscle the level of delusion to arrive at his flawed conclusions. Well! he is forgiven because it is often said that the drummer determines the step of the dancer. 

It is a well known fact that Ogboru; the self acclaimed People's General, has a serial record of dividing political parties after failed attempts to hijack the party with discord seeking ploys, right from when he was in Alliance for Democracy (AD) in 2003. History never forgets. It was exactly the same way he took to scheming then, that he is presently replicating here in APC. 

Well, I and many other keen political observers won't be surprised because as it is said, a leopard never changes its spots rather it becomes a credit to him. Ogboru's credit lies in division whenever an attempt to satisfy his imaginative ambition, fails.

Perhaps, these questions will put the facts clearly to his gullible followers and even the self acclaimed General, himself. Where was he during the Local Government Elections? Has he ever been spotted in any of our party's strategic political meeting? Please when leaders who have been progressively committed in words and actions are called upon, can one conveniently call the said Great Ogboru? How come a so called General abandoned his Barracks (Labour Party), one which he failed to build and thinks he can come and impose himself with nonchalance, arrogance and sheer divisive schemes on the existing structure he met on ground in APC?

'Jollofing' in Abuja when others are busy at the grassroots, is a calculation that even non politicians know to be associated with only one result, which is FAILURE. The taste of the pudding they say, is in the eating. Ogboru must rise up to the occasion by proving to all progressives that indeed, he is the People's General during the fothcoming primaries.

Even Sun Tsu in his book, 'The Art of War' states that the general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand. 

OGBORU must as a matter of necessity, go and work like other gubernatorial political gladiators vying for the APC Governorship Ticket in Delta State. He must get his acts right and be ready to meet others at the battlefield of the primaries. Blackmailing someone that won't even be part of the contest is a cheap act that no one will listen to.

More questions however, still begs for answers; If the self acclaimed People's General was so popular, why did he cross carpet to APC from Labour Party on hearing of Buhari's Victory during the 2015 Presidential elections? Why did he not continue along that trajectory with other opposition parties that he ran from? The answer to these questions belies his present position of weakness. 

The time is now and the acclaimed People's General must put brick to the wall of his barrack by testing the waters of the party's primaries. Even though, it is a known fact that he has never been involved in such Democratic process, as tickets have always been handed over to him by his former mushroom parties at no cost.

I challenge Ogboru to tell the world when and where he had ever won the primaries of a political party, asides self-imposition as a guber candidate in all the elections he has participated.

Should this scheming continue, one would be safe to assume that the General is either afraid or romancing with the opposition (PDP) to scatter the party (APC) and move, yet to another party.

This is without prejudice to the fact that certain political observers have alleged that this may be a possible divisible route for Ogboru - 'Scatter the party and decamp to APGA.'

History would also support this strategy, afterall a leopard never changes its spots, it is credit to him.

Having highlighted the above, it becomes pertinent to educate Great Ogboru and his overzealous supporters that:

1. The APC is too big a party, to play to the gallery of endorsing a particular candidate as its governorship flag bearer.

2. That Great Ogboru should get to his feet on consultations among leaders in the various senatorial districts, in the same manner as Prof. Pat Utomi, Dr Cairo Ojougboh, Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei, Chief Osiobe Okotie, Dr Leroy Edozien, Dr Iyke Odikpo and many more are currently doing.

3. He should focus on how to go into the party primaries, which comes up soon and on how to get victory, rather than engaging himself in unnecessary blackmail and campaign of calumny against other party leaders. The ball remains in his court just like every other aspirant.

4. Great Ogboru should be reminded that there are other focused and committed APC gubernatorial aspirants from Delta central axis and they are not crying foul the way he is doing.

5. Great Ogboru who has never been in a major political party should be educated on the ethics and norms in playing the cards to get the party ticket.

6. That the leadership of the party is already aware of the Ogboru factor of hate, divide and rule. Hence, the reason he is putting all mercenaries in place to cause havoc in APC, in a bid to gain cheap favour as reasons for moving to APGA, where he has already planted his stooges.

7. That the careless onslaught on the Delta State APC Leader, Olorogun O'tega Emerhor OON, is nothing short of this divisive scheme by Ogboru and his media touts, whose ignorance remains a reason for this political drunkenness.

8. That any further media attack on his person or office shall be vehemently resisted by well meaning progressives, whom are witnesses to his unifying efforts which on record, has bore fruits of empowerment to members of our great party, than any of the so called General's divisive schemes.

A word is enough for the wise, if only Ogboru is wise!


A Concerned APC Steward.


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma