Sunday, 22 April 2018

No PVCs No Salary, No Admission Into Schools Says Okorocha

As indicated by Okorocha, the move is gone for checking the nonchalant mentality of occupants of the state towards the accumulation of their cards.

The Governor additionally said that government employees won't be paid their compensations on the off chance that they don't have theirs as well. 

As indicated by Okorocha, the move is gone for checking the nonchalant disposition of inhabitants of the state towards the gathering of their cards. 

"The government will start the policy of 'operation-show-your-PVC' before you can enter the market to purchase or offer and before you can work together or get anything from the administration, and before your child can be conceded into schools. 

"Indeed, even before laborers get their compensations from the administration, they should show their PVC. We cannot permit the I-couldn't care less disposition of our kin towards the activity to proceed unchecked," he said. 

Banky W's staff won't get paid as well 

Artiste, Bankole Wellington otherwise known as Banky W, has additionally expressed that he won't pay the salary of any individual from his staff who doesn't have a PVC. 

As indicated by him, young Nigerians need to accomplish more to enlist to vote. 

He additionally said that he'll keep on playing his part in galvanizing young Nigerians to play out their civic responsibilities.


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