Thursday, 31 May 2018

...plans to sell off South east APC foiled.


Today at the Ladi Kwali conference centre, Sheraton Hotel, Abuja, the venue for the south east APC stakeholders meeting, South east APC leaders turned down (totally rejected) the nomination of Osita Izunaso, Tina Adike for a second term in office. 

While discussions where on going on how to strengthen the party, the suspended APC chairman of Imo state; Hillary Ekeh (an observer at the meeting) walked from behind and grabbed the second microphone on the hightable, calling for the express endorsement of Osita izunaso for re-election as national organizing secretary of APC, a request that got a total "No! " as answer by delegates at the event to the dismay of members of the high table. 

Having noted defeat on his side, Hillary EKEH started shouting "izunaso must come back!" ...this misguided act of Chief Eke led the conference to a rowdy session as other delegates at the conference were so shocked at the display of arrogance by Hillary Ekeh. 

For governor of old Anambra state; Dr. Jim Nwaobodo and the APC chairman of Enugu state walked out of the hall describing Hillary Eke as a drunk man. 

Other party leaders from Abia, Ebonyi sat quietly on their seats viewing the drama displayed by Eke, Azuatalam, Tina Adike and Ararume who jumped down from the high table to join the drunk Hillary Eke, pretending to caution him while other delegates were shouting Vote of No confidence on Izunaso. 

While Osita Izunaso was trying to caution Hillary EKEH to stop the illicit division in the conference having Hon. Kama Nwauwa who raised an observation standing infront of the hightable, Hillary EKEH was hell bent on his display of arrogance and cluelessness. 

Other progressive Imo delegates like Rt.Hon. Ugonna Ozuruigbo were seen watching his former state party chairman disgracing himself at the floor of the conference. 

Total disorder was recorded in the hall as delegates angrily left the hall one after the other. 

One of the major reasons that made delegates run out of the hall was the holistic observation made by the south east zonal chairman of APC who noted two powerful points in the conference which are that:

1. Such APC south east zonal meeting is supposed to hold in any of the South east states, not Abuja. 

2. the meeting hall (Ladi Kwali conference hall, Sheraton hotel, Abuja was mischievously decorated in PDP colours. At this point, Orji Uzor Kalu looked round the hall confirming the discovery of the APC zonal chairman and literally ran down from the high table calling on all Abia delegates to leave the hall. 

Former Deputy speaker of Imo state house of Assembly; Rt.Hon. Donatus Ozoemena was lost in thought, watching Hillary Ekeh and another observer; Chief Francis Idiga(Jafac) displaying stupidity. 

Meeting ended laughably!


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma