Sunday, 13 May 2018

When you think Niger Delta is about oil producing states, remember Cross River is not an oil producing state - Bishops Edwin

Niger Delta vs South South...A helical twine of DISTORTED historical facts..

Bishops Edwin Writes....

Permit me to, pounce on an Igbo adage,"ihe a na ezi Mmadu ezi n'elu uwa.. Ò bu Nwanne ya" (No one shows you your friends, but someone can show you, your brothers).
Most ethnic groups of the southern protectorates were not only conquered, but lost their identity. They lost their culture, customs and traditions, they lost their BLOOD!.. It may suffice you to know that the all wavering slave trade was an immeasurable cheat on Blacks selling their brothers to Whites for mere snuff, hats, spices and in most cases in the riverine areas, a handshake with the whites was enough to sell a brother.
The whites bought the feeble minds and enslaved them and passed on the keys to their more submissive northern friends after independence.

When I hear people say, we are not Biafrans we are Niger Deltans, I confirm without a litmus paper, a completely distorted mind. Someone who neither knows who is Niger Deltan nor Biafran.

The Niger Delta is the delta of the Niger River sitting directly on the Gulf of Guinea on the Atlantic Ocean in Nigeria. It is typically considered to be located within nine coastal southern Nigerian states, which include: all six states from the South South geopolitical zone, one state ( Ondo ) from South West geopolitical zone and two states ( Abia and Imo ) from South East geopolitical zone. Before these foreign words "Niger Delta" came in.. Who were you? Zagodiya!!!
When you think Niger Delta is about oil producing states, remember Cross River is not an oil producing state and Edo in all empirical sense is actually not too.. Imo and Abia are 100% Igbos, all the states of this Niger Delta except Ondo are in the 5%ers.

Ibe Kachiukwu is Delta and Rotimi Amaechi is Rivers, they are all Igbo ministers in the eyes of the northern oligarchy.. And those who refer to themselves as South South should consult their geography teachers, who will show them their position on a not existing cardinal points.
The distortion to history is seen in the changing of existing names in these areas and naming of states like Cross River and Rivers (English words). Where the people virtually accepted incognito enough, NOT to have an aboriginal naming.
Imagine that, the white aturu that a big City like Port Harcourt the capital of Rivers State is named after never ever visited PH and had nothing significant to inherit such immortalization!

When the port was established in 1912, there was much controversy about the name it should receive. In August 1913, the Governor-General of Nigeria, Sir Lugard wrote to Harcourt, then Secretary of State for the Colonies, "in the ABSENCE of any convenient local name, I would respectfully ask your permission to call this Port Harcourt".. Just negodu the level of iniquity n'elu impunity!
To this, the Secretary of State replied, "It gives me pleasure to accede to your suggestion that my name should be associated with the new Port.".

Same way, just an "R" in Rumuigbo, Rumuokoro, Rumuola etc totally "R"emoved the tRuth and the identity of the people of those areas!..
The law of nature is explicit on this, people move away from lands.. Lands don't move for people and the bible in Prov 22:28 warned against the removal of the ancient landmarks.. Which we all have fallen prey of in the name of PDP vs APC political vendetta!


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