Thursday, 7 June 2018

Davido and Chioma takes front page Double View Magazine would this celeb relationship be modeled by others?

Davido and Chioma appears on  Front page of Double View Magazine, would this celeb relationship be modeled by others?

Pictures of the love birds have been circulating the internet and have got tongues waggling. Beautiful you may say!

It is an exciting love story that has unfold strongly in the life of one of Nigerias most celebrated entertainers Davido, as he seems to be head over heels with his hearthhrob, Miss Chioma Avril. The young performer has been proving beyond every reasonable doubt that this is more than the usual temporary celebrity affairs by flaunting his love Miss Chioma on his social media profiles such as instagram and twitter handle respectively.

One of the things that amazes me about this whole thing is when he surprised her with very costly gifts and tours. That's what a man who is in love does anyway lol. but how about the Jaw breaker, the 45 Million Naira Porsche Camry Davido bought Chima as a gift on her birth day? will this actually has set the social networks agog with gist and of course left the fans speechless what could be more interesting? alot!

Grab a copy of Double View Magazine June Edition for more details. 

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 Davido and Chioma on front page Double view magazine frist appeared on IYB


  1. if I hear say it can be modeled that guy has made money and has no idea on how to build love all of them na the same. Come to think of it he must have impregnated other girls I even read an article online that say Chioma walked out on him in public. Lol laugh one kill me. Relationship has up and down yes I agree but David can't keep a woman Period.

  2. Jare jare11 June, 2018

    You self you get mouth but 2 face can keep a woman abi?


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