Saturday, 23 June 2018


On 31st May 2018, the President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari signed into law The Not-Too Young To-Run bill, adding that this will take effect after 2019 elections. I want to categorically say that, the signing into law of the bill is a welcome development as it made provisions for the youths to run for major leadership positions in Nigeria. It is long overdue. 

How will someone who is past retirement age be preparing for a second term in office when there are millions of viable youths who are ready to take the mantle of leadership? In the Western world, America, to be precise, regardless of her strong world economic power has age bracket 40-45 occupying leadership positions. At age 30, youths are mentored for leadership. Ex-President of the United States of America, President Barrack Obama retired from active politics and as President of the United States at the age of 54, regardless of the incumbent president's age, Mr Donald Trump who is age 72 now is also in position, but the question is, is this what American's really want? Will he be allowed to go into second term? well I leave that for you to ponder upon. while at the same age bracket in Nigeria, one is still battling for the Local Government, House of Assembly or House of Representatives seats. 

Now that the bill “Not-Too Young To-Run” has been signed into law in Nigeria, the big question is: HOW PREPARED ARE THE NIGERIAN YOUTH FOR THE 2019 GENERAL ELECTIONS AND BEYOND? 

Not minding the fact that some Nigerian youths have taken to drug abuse /cultism and internet Scam, I want to emphasize that Nigerian youths are very hardworking and smart working people and always blaze the trail in any walk of life they find themselves. 

Politics in Nigeria has so far appeared like an affair of the old and this is an erroneous reasoning. It now borders on the readiness of the said youths to actually participate actively or continue to sit on the fence. Many youths are only bent on receiving peanuts and becoming tools which the greedy and ambitious politicians employ to plant confusion and mayhem during elections. Most youths clamor and bark on social media platforms for visionless politicians, singing their praises in order to be given some money, or with hopes for minor leadership positions in political offices. Now, the bell has loudly gone qualifying the youth to run for political offices, will the youths who have seen themselves as tools, have a rethink and buckle up in order to over-take those who used to employ them as agents of destruction during elections? 

In many views, majority suggested and supported organizing leadership seminars where youths will be tutored on what leadership is all about and how to become a great leader. The Nigerian youth can do it! Within and outside the shores of Nigeria, youths have been breaking grounds in their many endeavors, bagging First Class degrees and excelling in the world of sports. 

For the Nigerian youth, it is time to drop the arms and start preparing intellectually, economically and otherwise to paddle the affairs of the country efficiently. This is the time to borrow a leaf from some past and present administrations that have recorded immense progress over the years. It is time to listen to motivational speakers, attend impacting lectures and build up oneself positively. The youths need to start recognizing loopholes in the Nigerian economy and research effective ways to fill them up. It is time to abandon greedy, selfish and ambitious politicians who only wish to destroy the Nigerian youth and use them to build up their future and achieve their set political goals. It is time to shun cultism, terrorism, prostitution, tribalism and religious conflicts and consider building a strong and united nation. 

A close look at the Entertainment Industry, one can truly see that the Nigerian youths are taking the lead in Africa, if these youths are given good tutelage as well as continued sensitization and mentorship they are going to be the best leaders not just in Nigeria but in Africa at large. 


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma