Wednesday, 13 June 2018


A former governor of Imo State who had his image battered by allegations of flogging a Catholic priest, stealing public funds, denigrating the revered office of the governor by indulging in all sorts of demeaning actions, insulting Imolites and been overwhelmed by the unexpected privilege of becoming governor is said not to be running for governor of Imo, but is rather on a mission to see if he can rescue anything out of his battered image.

One of the ways the Okohia born politician who is alleged to own millions of dollars worth of investments in South Africa, Gambia, Cyprus and other parts of the world plans to rescue his image is by declaring for the Imo governorship every election, thereby use that platform to attempt to soil the image of the incumbent governor while projecting himself as a veritable alternative.

Chief Ohakim, who had gone on self-imposed exile immediately he was disgraced out of office in 2011 was said to have spent billions of Naira in the 2015 governorship election and has budgeted a whopping 20 Billion Naira for the 2019 election season, in a bid to redeem whatever he can out of his image and see if his name could be cleaned up as much as possible for the sake of his children. The name Ohakim is said to be seen as a taboo by some people in the State, as a result of the actions of the Okohia born Clean and Green crooner during his days as governor.

In keeping to this strategy, a kind of gossip paper has been allegedly established by the Imo State governor for the purpose of spreading lies against the Rescue Mission government and its lieutenants, while the other remaining spaces would be used to publish favorable opinion articles on the Chief Ohakim. The gossip paper which will be distributed free of charge across the State is allegedly being published by Cona publishing outfit, Owerri, owned by his long time friend and PR c consultant, Chinedu Asinu-Anosike.

Ohakim who is yet to decide a political platform on which to print posters and submit nomination forms to INEC as a governorship candidate is said to have been disturbed that his children are no longer comfortable identifying with the name, Ohakim. He has therefore vowed to spend any amount of money it will take to build a better reputation for himself and his children.

Photo credit: Daily Post


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