Friday, 1 June 2018

Revealed: Why IMO Governor Still Weeps Over Deputy From Rescue Mission.

Fresh facts have continued to emerge why the governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas is still in tears over the exit of his Deputy, Prince Eze Madumere from his political camp, known as Rescue Mission.

Okorocha and Madumere before the new twist can best be described as Siamese twins in the area of politics, since the crossed path more than 20 years ago.

Trumpeta can recall that even before both politicians became first and second citizens of Imo Sate, Madumere had been Okorocha?s personal Chief of Staff not only in the political scene but also for other aspects connected to social and economic engagements.

It wasn?t surprising that in 2011, Madumere became the Chief of Staff, and later Deputy Governor at the impeachment of the erstwhile Deputy, Chief Jude Agbaso in 2013.

However, things have become awry for the duo since projections for 2019 commenced. Apart from dumping the governor?s main political camp, Okorocha?s second in command dropped the fancied muffler worn by Rescue Missionaries and went ahead to reject Owerri zone senate ticket offered to him by the governor.

Madumere went further to chart a new political course by joining forces with the coalition of Imo APC stakeholders to challenge the governor for the soul of APC. Ironically, while Okorocha was moving from one end to another in search of congress materials on Saturday May 5 ward congress in Imo, Madumere was in jubilant mood with other APC stakeholders at the party secretariat.

Irked by the attitude of Madumere he had eulogized in the past and branded a stubborn-free Deputy before the public, Okorocha has not failed to lament his exit from the Rescue Mission.

In every public function he has opportunity to speak about the coalition and APC congress in recent times, Okorocha does not fail to wail about the romance of his Deputy with the coalition. The repeated lamentations from Okorocha indicate that the absence of Madumere in his life and political camp has become a big choke to him.

The frosty relationship has also led to family members calling for a truce through a failed peace talk.

Trumpeta gathered that Okorocha?s constant tears over Madumere may not be unconnected to the smooth affair between the two in the past which somehow degenerated to father and son type model.

It was gathered that no one can tell the story of Okorocha better than Madumere prompting the governor to claim in one instance that his Deputy used his contacts to join forces with coalition against him.

Trumpeta was also informed that the governor is empty and foculess now without the tactical inputs of the Deputy who had functioned as a stabilizing factor to his administration and business empire before both became Chief executives of the state.

Further revelation has it that Madumere, more than other aides of the governor understands his body language better and maneuvers.

More details of Okorocha, Madumere relationship have it that the Deputy is fully aware of the growing business empire of the governor as his former trusted ally. And the loss of the deputy could spell doom for his prosperous business.

It was this attachment Okorocha has for Madumere that is responsible for the failed attempts to forcibly remove the Deputy through House of Assembly impeachment.

In a related development, the absence of the Deputy Governor at the just concluded Democracy Day and the previous Children?s Day held before the May 29th has continued to cause ripples.

Trumpeta observed that unlike in the past and in the previous year?s Madumere in his capacity as Deputy honoured the events, this year edition witnessed a different scene.

At the Dan Anyiam Stadium, Owerri venue of the Children?s Day, Madumere was conspicuously absent thereby sending directives of a complete breakdown of relationship. Only the governor, wife and appointees showed faces.

Same was observed at events marking the Democracy Day held on 29th May.

Madumere by protocol was expected to be present at the functions. However, the church service and later events did not record his imprints.

Civil servants and other government functionaries expressed reservation over his continued absence from functions organized by Okorocha and the state government.


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