Wednesday, 20 June 2018

THE COMIC WORLD OF 2 CAN TALK ( Franklin Ifeanyichukwu Tasie)

The most populous brand ambassador of comedy in the South East of the nation Nigeria. Franklin Ifeanyichukwu Tasie, popularly known as “2 can talk”. In his recent interview with Double View National Magazine, he highlighted some issues about himself, comedy and that of the Nigeria Economy. The prolific son of Imo State from Nwangele local government area, stood out in his usual element while he made everyone happy even while he is not on stage. 

Fashionably dressed, 2 can talk revealed that comedy was what he saw himself doing from the early age in primary 3, he made his classroom teacher laugh which prompted her to introduce him into the school’s comedy club where people paid 30 kobo to watch power mike, a show done after the school’s drama. According to him, he was too young to join the club, but due to his unique sense of humour, he was welcomed and from there his comedy career started. 

Before going with the name “2 can talk”, which is surprisingly a duo name, he was known as “Viper”. Recounting how the name came about, he said he attributes it to when he performed on stage for an Idris and Nigga Raw musical concert, during their Nigeria Jaga jaga and Obodo edelugo era, where the oraganizers of the show called him to perform and was asked to bring an extra comedian. He picked a friend he met in Abia State University in 2004, who went by the name “Kiss Me” and together they performed an unplanned comedy where they not only complemented each other, but performed harmoniously to the delight of the audience. After their first performance in Aba, they were called again by the same organizers to open the show once again for Idris and Nigga Raw in Port Harcourt the following day. They were asked to give them a stage name to use for publicity, that was where he (Viper) came up with the name 2 can talk. To him, the name just came to mind and is still being used to perform individually and together till this day. 

In his opinion, every artist has a unique style, which is why you hardly see a single comedian perform in a show because the audience needs a variety of flavours. His own unique style is spontaneity he said and uses things around him to crack jokes and avoids repeating already made jokes. 

He believes comedy relieves stress, reduces high blood pressure and overcomes sorrow. In his own definition, comedy is saying the truth in a funny way without making it personal, strong or containing hate speech. In order not to personalize it and make it seem offensive, generalize what you intend to say in a funny way. To him, comedy is also an avenue of creating awareness of something or trying to direct the attention of people towards a thing. 

Trying to give his input towards sustaining Nigeria, 2 can talk usually criticizes hard drugs, its negative influences and also the dangers of laziness. Talking from his experience, abusing drugs makes you seem irresponsible, gives you false boldness, endangers your health, reasoning and limits your life span. Also, he said that the need for one to exploit his talents is very relevant rather than relying on white collar and professional jobs. It all has to do with hard work and striving to be the best, to produce a masterpiece. Sports, entertainment etc are but a few places one can try his hands on. To him, what limit our youths are myopic views on things, where they only see things in a straight line thus losing focus and impact. 

Advising those who wants to give comedy a try, he was of the opinion that one should start small, try to make your friends laugh, perform in small gatherings, train yourself and try to find comedy from things around you. Comedy to him, is an everyday thing and it is not something one discovers themselves, it is something people discover in you. He also advised upcoming comedians to never get discouraged by stage fright or if they are unable to make everyone in the audience laugh, but rather they should twist it to their advantage. 

Talking about the economic situation, 2 can talk sees most of our problems as stemming from marginalization, where one tribe tries to cutoff or impose superiority over the other tribes thus raising agitation. To stop it, the government must go back to the roots. Go back to how the country was structured. He said it was structured to ensure that power flows from the bottom, that is the local governments to the top, the federal government. But in his view, that is not the case today, as local governments seem to be powerless and non-existent. Thereby making the other levels of government control the economy anyhow they like. Also to him, the quest to accumulate wealth is another problem facing the economic sector of the country. He recommended that to re-establish the country again and restore balance, jobs should be created, equity and equality should be upheld among the ethnic groups and grass root government should be re-introduced, irrespective of one’s affiliations. 

2 can talk usually criticizes hard drugs, its negative influences and also the dangers of laziness. 

He recommended that to re-establish the country again and restore balance, jobs should be created, equity and equality should be upheld among the ethnic groups 

The University of Calabar graduate ‘2 can talk’, said he would have been a civil engineer due to his passion to build. His ability to draw a house without looking at it being what ignited his passion to build houses. Finally advanced the general public that anything that can removes shame from someone, is getting such an individual closer to a great success.


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