Wednesday, 20 June 2018

WHY BIG BROTHER NAIJA? #BBN #BigbrotherAfrica #Bigbrothernaija2018

It brings tears to the eyes that a country like Nigeria which is presently suffering from a lot of mishaps due to her bad political and economic situation, has finally started crumbling the only hope she has by accepting, condoling and promoting immorality and idleness amongst the youths. The media is a very powerful tool of communication as it reaches a wider audience and allows easy access to information. This fact clearly states the need for information passed through this medium to be critically scrutinized, as people tend to believe, accept and practice whatever information they fetch from the media, this means that the public's ideas, beliefs and lifestyle are greatly influenced by the media. Recently, there has been an alarming rise in immorality, crime and many other social vices and the society urgently needs to address these issues in order to restore sanity and encourage the progress of the country. 

To effectively combat moral decadence which is recorded mostly among the youths, the media is a trustworthy tool and so, special care must be taken in order not to send the wrong information for public consumption. The media should be the a key player in the fight against immorality and moral decadence among youths in the society. All information transmitted through the media therefore, have to be morally sound, these include music, movies, programs and shows. Information lacking in good morals are not supposed to be dished out to the public. 

Big Brother Nigeria is a TV reality show that has its origin from South Africa. In this show, youths from different parts of the country live together under the watch of the organizers, accomplishing different tasks which do not require any special skills from time to time. Their activities in the house are seen by the public who cast their votes to support their favourite house mate (s). A huge sum of money is gifted to the winner with so many other privileges like endorsements and trips. The house mate with the highest number of votes stands a chance of winning as long as the eviction hammer does not ruin his/her chances. What then is the problem? 

This TV reality show often has a disturbing degree of immoral scenes where some house mates engage in sexual immorality with one another and the audience are not spared of this absurdity. No season is devoid of these scenes and acts. Another issue that calls for concern is the fact that, this show has no moral lessons whatsoever to teach it's teeming viewers. Instead, it seems to be applauding sexual immorality and promoting idleness, deceiving vulnerable audience into believing that one can become extremely rich by engaging in idleness and exhibiting sexual prowess. 

At some point, Big Brother Africa saw the need to encourage talents, hence, aspiring house mates were people who had various talents from which the best were chosen during auditions to represent their different countries as house mates. Every year heralds a season of BBN madness for most Nigerians. Most individuals spend a lot of money sponsoring and voting house mates while there are millions of homeless children parading the streets. Instead of investing in education and nation building by setting up and sponsoring academic competitions to encourage hardwork amongst students, most prefer to invest in idleness and nothingness. 

It is worrisome to know that the media no longer filters information before releasing to the public, this means that returning moral sanity to the country can not be effectively achieved using the media, what a shame. If the media supports and showcases information with morally distorting contents, how can we be sure of its solid backing in the campaign for positive change? 

Most women now have "BBN madness", they stay glued to the television set, following up on all the episodes and seasons leaving their duties as mothers and wives unattended. They argue loudly about which housemate stays or leaves and of course, they vote to that effect, and the charges for votes deducted. 

The organizers of this show make a lot of money from the millions of people who cast their votes as many times as up to 200 times which is the number of times an individual is allowed to vote. Each vote costs at least 20naira, and of course the sponsors are making billions out of the ignorance and insensitivity of Nigerians and at the same time, killing the spirit of hardwork in the youths. Most housemates drop out from school, abandon their jobs and families to compete in a game of votes to win millions. 

Even some of our leaders encourage such a show that does not impact any morality or skills in the participants. The Governor of Imo State recognized the 2018 winner of BBN and honored him with the a huge cash gift and the position of Ambassador of Education while the best graduating student from a department in Imo State University was given 3 million naira only, who really deserves to be conferred the honor of an Ambassador of Education? It was also heard at a time that a First Class student of the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka was given the sum of Ten Thousand Naira to appreciate and encourage him. When most individuals have spent close to half a million Naira to support their favourite BBN house mate (s). How have we allowed ourselves to be forced to accept whatever we are served? Where has our sound reasoning gone to? Are these actions encouraging youths who are working hard academically and in their different fields of work? 

When are we going to open our eyes to see that the future of this great nation lies in the decisions and actions of youths today? Who will correct the many errors of our past leaders if this generation becomes one of youths who believe that there is no gain in hardworking rather one can become very rich and famous by participating in a show that demands little or no stress. The quest for fame and riches has taken over the youths like an epidemic. 

Truth is objective, and that truth is that this TV reality show called Big Brother Nigeria is not adding any value to the lives of Nigerians, and in fact, is doing more harm than good to Nigerians and should either be restructured to affect lives positively or be completely scrapped. As it stands, the country urgently needs rehabilitation of the youths and the right orientation. When a generation of youths who believe that to achieve success, one needs not stress oneself assumes the position of leaders tomorrow, the resultant Nigeria will be unimaginably worst than it is today. 

The media should be flooded with positive, encouraging and educative information that will mould the present day youths into great and talented political, scientific and economic genuises who will transform the present day Nigeria into an enviable country. 

The youths should say no to idleness or anything that depicts laziness. They should embrace hard work and actualization of the dream of a better Nigeria. 

Let's support positivity...


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma