Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Zambia Students receives $340,000 to be trained in Witchcraft - UNESCO

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has given the University of Zambia $340,000 to build up a degree Program to train students in witchcraft. 

The training in what is alluded to as Intangible Cultural Heritage will begin with the main intake comprising of 20 students, reports Lusaka Times. 

The Zambia National Commission for UNESCO has explained that Intangible Heritage contains practices, for example, witchcraft, and social practices, for example, articulation through music, learning, abilities and also the instruments, items, ancient rarities and ceremonies. 

Zambia National Commission for UNESCO Secretary General, Dr. Charles Ndakala, said regardless of endeavors in safeguarding social legacy, there are instances of obliteration of inestimable culture legacy in certain nations which debilitates conventions and traditions. 

Dr. Charles Ndakala was speaking to Journalists on the sidelines of a five days' workshop for the introduction of UNZA Lecturers on Intangible Cultural Heritage. 

In November a year ago, Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo declared that Zambia ought to consider research and the investigation of witchcraft as a science that can be utilized beneficially for the advantage of the nation. 

Teacher Luo said Zambian researchers can gain from the South African partners who have started studies in witchcraft in a few universities. 

“I could not help but think of witchcraft when I saw a mobile phone put into a box and it turned into a lady’s pant!” she said during the commemoration of the World Science Day for Peace and Development dubbed: ‘Recreating interest in science, technology and innovation’. 

In any case, at that point Government Spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga said Government was disappointed with media reports suggesting that it will consider research on witchcraft as a science that can be utilized gainfully for the advantage of the nation. 

Ms. Mulenga said the claims are glaring deceptions coming from individuals who have nothing great to offer to the country. 

She said the legislature knows that there is a gathering of individuals that is spreading pernicious explanations through different media stages, keen on destroying government's picture. 

She added that in opposition to the charges, President Lungu's administration has and will dependably maintain Zambia's status as a Christian country as enshrined in the preface of the constitution.


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