Thursday, 19 July 2018


Honorable Dr. Ifeanyi A. Okowa (Governor of Delta State)

It is with great regards that Ugbeh Royal Family of Onicha-Olona write to remind the Governor and all authorities that

Ugbeh Royal Family, having duly processed the staff of office for the Throne of Onicha-Olona as it should be (since last year, 2017), the Royal Family is now ready to proceed with the coronation of Prince Erasmus Nduka Nwabuokei as he is long overdue for the coronation/installation to the Throne of his ancestors as the rightful King of Onicha-Olona Kingdom.

We hereby, respectfully, call the attention of the Government to the duly processed Staff of Office that has been in Government custody since 2017. We are aware that some people from our town with the help of someone in the Government also from our town has been attempting some illegal activities to undermine the will of the people of Onicha-Olona. In this regard, we wish to remind the Governor that we, The Ugbeh Royal Family, have completed all legal processes since 2017 for the reclamation of our Royal Rights and awaits the Government to present the Staff of Office to the Rightful Heir Apparent of Oba Ugbe. The Current Rightful Heir Apparent is Chief Prince Erasmus N Nwabuokei and he is long overdue to be installed as the Rightful Hereditary King of Onicha-Olona in accordance with the will of Onicha-Olona people. Kindly, give all the necessary support to Ugbeh Royal Family and grant the Ugbeh Royal Family their duly processed staff of office to the Throne of Onicha-Olona Kingdom.

We also, wish to inform the Governor that the traditional coronation rite will be performed, followed by the handing of the Staff of Office.

Plan of activities will be duly communicated to the Government and The Traditional Council in

Thanks, and God Bless!

Yours Sincerely,

Ugbeh Royal Family



Honorable Barr. Kingsley Burutu Otuaro (Deputy Governor)

Honorable Peter Adogbejire Mrakpor (Attorney General of Delta State)

Honorable Commissioner of Local Government/Chieftaincy Affair

Honorable Director of Local Government/Chieftaincy Affair

Noble Traditional Council of Obis


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