Thursday, 26 July 2018


In my endurance trek this morning at Owerri, I happened to run into adherents of the Olumba Olumba Obu movement. They were on a street motorcade parade all barefooted and clad in flowing white gown. Some passersby avoided them and some of those they caught up quickly ran from them or distanced themselves.

Their appearance and reputation is quite frightening anyway. I quickly walked up to one of them to engage him in a conversation. He spoke unintelligibly. Another better dressed but bare footed young man who seemed to be their leader took over from him and we began talking while I walked with them in their street parade. (Some people who saw me were amazed and looked at me like: “Reverend are you now part of them?”). I further engaged him to know what the movement is all about and what they were up to in their street carnival and this is what I gathered from him:
Leader O O Obu is the promised Holy Spirit 
They are celebrating 100 years of his coming to earth.
Leader O O Obu is Christ who has fulfilled his promise to come again after his ascension. 
The new heaven and new earth has already been realized and Christ has already come in the person of O O Obu.
There is no more heaven and there is no more Hell.
The Holy Spirit is here with us in the form of Leader O O Obu
O O Obu is still alive and his only begotten son is leading the church now. 
Finally I subsequently preached the Gospel of our salvation in Christ to him and exchanged pleasantries with hope to continue our conversation on other media.

MY VERDICT: We must intensify our efforts to preach Christ the soon coming King, salvation and eternal life in no other name but Christ Jesus. There is a lot to do and Satan is out to destroy our faith through these movements. Many of our young people are in this movement and I cannot identify what mif=ght be the attraction as Soldiers of Christ must arise and put on the armour of evangelism .



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