Wednesday, 8 August 2018


It is no longer news that the former Governor of Akwa Ibom State has left his former party PDP and is officially declaring for the APC.

Many people have different interpretation for his actions. One thing is clear he is enjoying his fundamental human right to association. In the days ahead much will be seen and heard in the state. Recently the backlash of his defection is being felt in the media by deployment of mercenaries to launch assault on him in the new media but that is not the crux of the matter.

I will be dwelling on the post Governorship and defection tenure of the uncommon transformer as he was fondly called.

While he held sway as Governor, he was a near deity that was worshiped, his words were laws and orders. His massive follower ship which swelled by the day was 2nd to none. He had songs composed and his praises sang to the high heavens. Names like Legend, Emerging Tiger and Great Teacher plus many more were added to his nomenclature. His wife too was not spared from the Neo human worship when she was renamed Mother Theresa,even his late mother was only spared from being exhumed and her corpse rebranded for worship before being reburied in grand style by this crop of human worshippers.

His land of birth was turned to a Mecca of sort where pilgrimage was unending.

People worshipped the very ground he threaded on. They vowed to be more than Naomi and Ruth. His friends were their friends and God help you to be his enemy then cuz the entire legion of his worshippers will call for your head not minding the past beneficial relationship.

It was in his tenure that a phrase was introduced into the politics of this state,it was called body language. His body language was followed to the latest. In the build up to the choice of his successor it was touted that he is tilting towards his then SSG Obong Umana even when he never said it in the public but they studied his body language and all queued up to support UOU. When the table turned and present day Udom was discovered and brought in from Lagos and the great teacher started preaching power shift to Eket,they quickly jumped the queue and lined up behind Udom.

As part of the effort in selling hitherto unknown Udom to the electorates a Town Hall meeting was converged in Federal Constituency basis. I remember vividly that when they came to my Federal Constituency the current National Legal Adviser of PDP who was then a commissioner turned himself to a bouncer, manning the door and clearing and giving access to only those who were in favor with the Governor. He did that so as to be seen protecting the interest of the Governor.

Fast forward to today, the recently all is well and all is not well saga was an eye opener for Akpabio, they all took sides with the present Governor which he introduced to them. That was a period of tutelage for Akpabio when he saw that he was alone all the boys he turned to men were no where to be found. They all showed him that they can betray years of friendship just to get a little bit of the spotlight in the new government.

As he leaves the opposition PDP to the ruling APC he should expect more of their venoms thrown at him from the very hands he helped to raise. He should know that Betrayal is universal for people with no principle. He has lost some friends and will loose more but he should realize that he has not lost any friend because he never had any. All those who flocked around him when he was MR GENEROUS had a price tag for their loyalty.


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma