Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Breaking News: Bukola Saraki To Run For Presidency!

Senate president Bukola Saraki, arrived Minna, capital of Niger State to hold a private gathering with the former military President Ibrahim Babangida. The gathering occurred at the Hilltop home of the former military ruler. NAN reports that Saraki arrived at Minna International Airport at around 4.10 PM and drove straight to the hilltop home of the withdrawn former leader. 

It was uncertain whether Saraki came to talk about his presidential ambition with Babangida. At a public interview today, he evaded the inquiry. Be that as it may, he didn't altogether deny nursing the ambition. He said he would answer the inquiry on one more day. "We are here today about the vote based system of this nation, and that is what is vital to me and to every one of us that are here. "I think when the time is correct I will chat on your issue however today, we are discussing majority rule government in Nigeria, to guard the rule of law," he said. On regardless of whether he would give up the situation of Senate Presidency which he was 'given' under the All Progressives Congress (APC), Saraki focused on that he was not given the position but rather was elected by members. 

He said that the Constitution enables any individual from the Senate to remain for race as the President of the Senate independent of the individual's party. "I was not given the position as senate president. I was elected by members," he said. Then, the Senate president, Bukola Saraki, has communicated his doubts about the All Progressive Congress (APC)- led government and the manner in which legislative issues is by and by played in the nation. Saraki said this on Wednesday, August 8, amid his reality public interview discourse at the National Assembly (NASS). Addressing a social occasion of writers ( Newsmen) at the NASS chambers, Saraki said that the present condition of things in the country was not what the electorate anticipated.


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