Friday, 10 August 2018

Facebook user strongly explain why he can't date one girl but can marry one

The issue of trust in relationship has become evident in the life of youths even to adaults.

On August 8, around 2pm i posted on my facebook wall that "It takes a real man to realise one female is enough with the tag #YouKnowTheRest

Apperently, one facebook user strongly said it doesn't work that way, He was curious to have detailed why he will not date only one female.

Mr Joshua Ogayeno said "SOMETIMES ONE IS NOT ENOUGH,I KNOW WAT AM SAYING". When he was asked to explain; he was able to expatiate on the matter.

Hear his part of the story.

Could you please explain to us Mr Joshua?

"See i have a girl,whom i dated for 2yrs,she was a virgin,she accepted me on d condition dat i will nt touch her,she was my only girl frend,i love nd cherish her so much,today nw as am speaking wit u she broke my hrt,nd left,i was frustrated,so u see y i can't date one woman,she caused it.Is not really my fault bross".

My questions is does women also think this way?


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